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LIttle Electricity Savior

LIttle Electricity Savior

Myung-gyu Kim Designer of Yankodesign presents of useful concept with us. Well Usually It’s happened to all of us…when you’re working at the computer when a power failure occurs and you lose… EVERYTHING. Thats really worst! — Autosave is great solution of such situation and all,

This is where Little Savior comes in handy. Just like the name suggests,it’s just slightly larger than a standard plug, it gives you an extra 10 to 15 minutes of power so you can save your work! Best of all, it’s a better concept as Compared to those heavy UPS.

LIttle Electricity Savior

LIttle Electricity Savior

LIttle Electricity Savior

LIttle Electricity Savior




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  1. Just pretty pictures of an idea as this doesn’t exist.

    There is a huge difference between thinking, and drawing, and idea and making it realal

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