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15 Beautiful Clocks Designed By Creative People

16+ Creative & Unusual Clocks Designs

Clocks are of the most useful invention human made and its People are bored of same classic clocks that look all the same and are seen in every house. But there are some talented designer with their creative mind did their best to change …
Nokia Android Tablet

Nokia N1 Android Tablet

Nokia, despite being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia has announced its first Android tablet named “Nokia N1”. The Nokia N1 is company’s 1st Android tablet and It looks like the iPad Mini – it has the 7.9-inch 2048×1536 Runs on Android lollipop,  a …

CUBE 3D Home Printer

The design team at 3D Systems introduce the latest Cube 3D Home Printer. Now companies may allocate plenty of resources to developing a practical 3D home printing device.
LIttle Electricity Savior

LIttle Electricity Savior

Myung-gyu Kim Designer of Yankodesign presents of useful concept with us. Well Usually It’s happened to all of us…when you’re working at the computer when a power failure occurs and you lose… EVERYTHING. Thats really worst! — Autosave is great solution of …

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