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The OnePlus 12 will feature silky smooth frame rates and graphics

OnePlus 12 Will Feature Silky Smooth Frame Rates and Graphics

OnePlus has announced that it will add it with the Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor in the forthcoming OnePlus 12. What does this mean? It’s a the smoothest gaming experience and stunningly high quality graphics.

The OnePlus 12 is already shaping to be a powerful mobile device, sporting the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset along with OnePlus its own Trinity Engine. We had been anticipating to see a display with a the 120Hz rate of refresh, however thanks to the collaboration with OnePlus and Pixelworks the entire experience on this phone will be smooth, not only the settings menu.

Here’s OnePlus talking about what this partnership means for OnePlus 12 customers.

OnePlus is in need of a revolutionary device for it to compete in the US market. Personally, I’ve noticed it’s becoming old-fashioned because of Samsung as well as Google dominating the market which is why I’m hoping that this OnePlus 12 is a solid device.

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