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Google Maps tests 3D buildings while navigation on Android Auto & App

Google Maps tests 3D buildings while navigation on Android Auto & App

Google Maps supports showing buildings in 3D since quite some time, but the app is now testing the ability to display those 3D building while in navigation both on the mobile app and on Android Auto.

Google Maps doesn’t show 3D buildings by default. Instead, you have to turn on in order to see them. The 3D buildings are visible in any area, whether it is a large city or a small area. Since their launch, however, they don’t appear while navigating. It seems that things are changing.

Google Maps on Android and iOS now shows 3D buildings while navigating. It is necessary to enable the 3D view before navigation begins, as well as to zoom in quite a bit. It’s not clear when exactly this feature was made available, but we believe it to be relatively recent.

In our testing, while we were able to view 3D buildings in Google Maps on our phones, Android Auto did not show the same. Some users on Reddit have seen the 3D buildings on Google Maps. The buildings become transparent if they are in the path of the route. This feature is still in testing, but some users noticed it in mid-December. A 9to5Google user noticed the addition again this week.

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