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Instander 18.0 – Download Official APK for Android (2024)

Instander 18.0 - Download Official APK for Android (2024)Instander is an InstaMod that empowers users to download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV, and reels. Additionally, it enables you to explore exclusive features such as No Ads, Copy Bio, Copy Comments, Copy Description, and more.

Instagram Pro Download stands out as one of the premier global social networks and a primary source of online entertainment for me. It serves as a direct channel for posts from my favorite celebrities and influencers, delivering the entertaining content I truly enjoy. This platform also allows me to share my life’s moments with friends and followers while immersing myself in their experiences through their stories.

Yet, akin to many social platforms, it exhibits some minor user-experience shortcomings. In response, developers create alternative versions of these applications, and the Instander APK emerges as the optimal app alternative for Instagram, addressing those usability concerns.

What is Instander APK?

Instander APK is an Instamod designed for Android devices, offering Instagram users additional features to address specific issues. Serving as an alternative platform to the basic IG application, this app provides access to your Instagram account, unlocking a range of incredible features not available in the official app.

Crafted by thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov), the developer prioritized safety, ensuring users enjoy a seamless browsing experience without the risk of being banned for utilizing mods. The application comes pre-installed with effective and professional anti-ban properties, emphasizing a secure and enjoyable user experience.

What distinguishes Clone from UnClone?

Both of these apps were developed by the same developer and share identical features. The key distinction lies in their package names, which enables the installation of two separate Insta apps on a single Android smartphone.

Clone, identified by the package name, can be installed as a standalone application.

On the other hand, UnClone is associated with the com.insta package name, and for a successful installation, the original Instagram app must be uninstalled beforehand.


Instander, as an Instamod, not only replicates all the standard Instagram functions but also introduces several additional features that users have longed for but couldn’t access in the original app. These features include:

1. Download Pictures and Videos

The Instander APK allows you to download images and videos from Instagram, eliminating the need for third-party downloaders with intrusive ads. It also serves as the primary platform for accessing your Instagram account, freeing up valuable space on your device.

2. Close Friends List

With Instander, you can create a Close Friends List beyond your follower list. This feature allows you to share your stories exclusively with chosen individuals, keeping certain content private and personalized. You have the flexibility to modify this list without notifying the members, ensuring a discreet and tailored sharing experience.

3. Instander Hide Stories from List

To enhance privacy, Instander enables you to hide your stories from specific individuals, preventing unwanted access to your content. This feature empowers you to share posts freely while maintaining control over your audience.

4. Allow Message Replies

Manage your interactions by deciding who can reply to your posts. Instander allows you to enable or disable message replies selectively, providing control over the engagement on your content.

5. Save Story to Archive

For users with limited device space, the Save Story to Archive feature automatically stores photos and videos in your archive. This ensures you don’t clutter your phone with media and provides an added layer of privacy, as only you, with your password, can access these stored items.

6. Save Live to Archive

Instander allows you to save your live videos to your archives for a duration of 30 days. This feature ensures that only you can view and access these saved live videos, adding a temporal layer of privacy to your live broadcasts.

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Closing Thoughts

While apps may shine brightly, they often carry limitations that hinder users from fully enjoying their online experiences. Mods, such as the Instander APK, transform your Instagram encounter into a unique lifestyle. Embrace the extraordinary features available online by downloading the app today. Share remarkable content and elevate your social media engagement with some of the most sought-after functionalities.

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