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How to Check your Account Balance Online with an Indian Overseas Bank Abroad

How to Check your Account Balance Online with an Indian Overseas Bank Abroad

It is practical to keep track of your financial transactions and manage your money while you are away from home by checking your account balance online with an Indian bank. If you have an internet connection, you can access it from anywhere in the globe to check on your account. An introduction to checking your account balance online with an Indian bank while traveling is provided below.

Once you have enrolled, you can access the official mobile banking app or website of your bank. Make sure you are connecting to a reliable, secure internet connection, especially if you are accessing sensitive financial information from another country. Enter your login information, which often consists of a password or PIN and your customer ID or account number. For added security, certain banks can also ask for an OTP (One-Time Password) given to your registered mobile number. You can read a summary of your account after successfully logging in. This comprises the balance of your account, the most recent transactions, and other account-related details.

Go to the “Account Summary” or “Account Balance” area of the Internet banking portal or app to precisely check your account balance. Your available money as well as further account information will be shown on the screen. Additionally, you can check your most recent transactions to make sure your account hasn’t been used in an unauthorized or questionable manner. This is a crucial step in managing your money when traveling.

Alternatively, you can also call on the IOB balance check number to know your account balance. To avail the service, no internet connection is required. You should only be registered to use the service. In case of any queries, you can call the IOB customer care number or visit the bank branch.

IOB Nanban

It is made to provide a range of banking features and services to IOB customers via their mobile phones. The purpose of the app is to make banking queries and transactions convenient and accessible. The IOB Nanban app offers a variety of standard features and services, including. Utilizing the app, you can easily keep track of your money and check your account balance. You might be able to transfer money via the app between your accounts or to accounts at other financial institutions, both inside and outside of Indian Overseas Bank. It’s possible that you can use the app to pay your utility bills, credit card bills, and other bills immediately. The app might give you the choice of paying for prepaid services and mobile phone recharging.

Iob Upi Customer Care

Contact the bank’s general customer care department with any questions you may have regarding UPI. The Indian Overseas Bank customer service number is 1800-425-4445. Email is another way to get in touch with the bank. Send an email to the bank’s customer service address outlining your UPI-related problem or question. Again, the right email address may be found on the official website.  If you would rather receive help in person, you can go to the Indian Overseas Bank location that is closest to you and speak with a bank professional about your UPI worries. Visit the Indian Overseas Bank’s official website ( for specifics on UPI services, FAQs, and any updated contact information for customer assistance.

IOB Balance Check by mPassbook

With the use of the Indian Overseas Bank’s (IOB) passbook digital passbook service, customers with active bank accounts can instantly check their account balance and access their transaction history on their smartphones. Start by downloading the “IOB passbook” software from the Apple Software Store or Google Play Store (depending on your device). By inputting your IOB account number and cellphone number, open the app and register your account. Additionally, you might need to create a strong PIN or password for the app. After registering, you’ll get an OTP (One-Time Password) on the mobile number you provided for verification. For registration verification, enter this OTP. You can use the passbook app to access your IOB account details following successful authentication. Simply choose your account from the list to view your available balance, which the app will show you.

Check Mobile Balance with IOB

With its unmatched accessibility and ease, mobile banking has completely changed how people handle their finances. One of India’s most renowned public sector banks, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), has embraced this digital transition to give customers access to their account balances promptly and securely using their mobile banking platform. Customers can view their account balances anywhere, anytime with IOB’s mobile banking services, eliminating the need to stop by an actual bank branch or ATM. With this cutting-edge service, IOB customers can track transactions, keep track of their finances, and make financially savvy decisions all from the palm of their hands.

Indian Overseas Bank Internet Banking

You can access your bank account through Net Banking, an online banking service. You can utilize net banking to check your account’s balance by following these instructions. It is simple and secure to access your account information online by using Indian Overseas Bank’s Net Banking service to check your bank account balance. The general actions you can take to use Net Banking for this reason are listed below. You must sign up for Indian Overseas Bank’s Net Banking service if you haven’t already. Typically, you can sign up for Net Banking by going to the bank’s official website and going through the enrollment steps. Frequently, this entails supplying account information, setting up login information (username and password), and generating security questions and answers. After registering, go to the official Indian Overseas Bank website and look for the Net Banking login option. To access your account, enter your login information (username and password).

USSD Code for Indian Overseas Bank

Customers can check their account balances and perform other banking-related tasks via their mobile devices by using a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) number offered by Indian Overseas Bank, like many other banks in India. The USSD code for Indian Overseas Bank is *99#. Depending on your mobile service provider and the services offered by Indian Overseas Bank at the time of use, USSD banking may have some limits, and the precise menu selections and procedures may change. It’s a good idea to contact your mobile service provider about any additional prices because regular USSD fees may also apply.
. The *99# USSD code can be used to check your account balance in the following ways:

. Open the phone app or dialer on your smartphone.

. On the keypad of your phone, enter *99#.

. To start the USSD request, press the call button.

. On your screen, there will be an options menu. These options often include things like Fund Transfers, IOB Statement download, Balance Enquiry, and others.

. As the menu may differ significantly, choose “Balance Enquiry” or a comparable option.

. Enter your bank account number and any other necessary information by adhering to the on-screen instructions.

Missed Call Number for IOB Mini-Statement

The Indian Overseas Bank Mini-Statement Missed Call Number can be used to get the most recent five transactions from your bank account. Simply place a missed call to 8424022122 from your registered mobile number, and you’ll get an SMS with information on the previous 5 transactions. Knowing that Indian Overseas Bank provides a missed call service to get a mini-statement of your account is convenient. How to use this service is provided below. Soon after, you will receive an SMS on the registered cellphone number you provided with information about your most recent account activities and the specifics of your last 5 transactions. By using this service, you may easily monitor the most recent transactions on your Indian Overseas Bank account without using the Internet or going to a bank branch. Depending on your cell service provider and plan, ordinary call rates can be applicable.

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