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Top Video Production Company in India – Vidzy

Top Video Production Company in India - Vidzy

An appealing video touches the humane soft corners like culture, emotional pursuit, psychological needs, and personality, according to a research article on Psychological video consumption analysis.

Hence making the video content more desirable among the demographic, increasing the possibility and scale of its use, and fostering reorientation in business solutions. For instance, boAt collaborated with Shreyas Iyer to promote their latest batch of audio systems, through the theme of “celebrating the champion attitude”.

Videos are now actively integrated into mainstream activities and to leverage the massive potential, due diligence on video curation is very crucial.

Brands targeting to reap the benefits of videos are required to produce videos that appeal to and properly convey the right message. Brands can integrate themselves with the top video production company i.e Vidzy to curate a strong and relevant video that can appeal directly to the targeted audience of the brand.

Let’s delve into the offerings of the leading video production company that directly enhance the quality of the video.

Best Video Production Services that can Uplift your Brand

Services are the fundamental differentiator that can make the whole video creation process go North. Whereas features complement the video production through enhancing quality. Let’s see how Vidzy differentiates itself from competitors by providing these top-notch video production services:-

1. Influencer based video creation:

ScienceDirect research stated that, influencer aligned content touches upon balance, cognitive dissonance, and congruity theories contribute to the success of persuasive communication.

A creative production agency should include opt-in influencers from various niches whose content is in harmony with the brand’s objective. It makes the brand video gain a well established and relevant audience base which leads to effective transmission of information.

2. Organic videos

Organic videos are considered highly authentic and engaging. The organic videos serve various purposes. It can be used on a brand’s website, e-commerce platforms, business solutions, and social media platforms.

  1. Corporate videos: Brands and business houses can avail extended reach and massive visibility through corporate videos. To put a cherry on the cake, corporate videos also help in solidifying a brand’s vision and its resonance.
  2. Social media Videos: Social media platforms are now secondary search engines and leveraging the platform brands can post about a host of topics to augment their conversions through highly engaging social media videos.
  3. YouTube Videos: There are more than 2.5 billion active users on YouTube. The platform offers a rich source for massive engagement and interaction.
  4. UGC Videos: Transparency and trust are hard-to-come-by attributes. Through UGC videos brands can create highly authentic content that will resonate among massive demography. Tinup reported that, “41% of businesses & brands rank UGC as their best-performing KPI.”
  5. Product Videos: A new product or service requires proper introduction and through product videos details about its features, specification, design, benefits, and usage can be explained. Recently Apple launched Titanium iPhone 15 Pro with highly engaging product video.
  6. Instagram reels: Instagram reels are short form video format and known to be consumed a lot. Brands are utilising it for promotions, awareness, etc. Cred used the Instagram reels initially to build sound visibility and awareness.
  7. Shoppable Videos: Shoppable videos are a great approach for high conversion. It leverages social proof and influencer-associated authenticity for high returns. It also offers seamless information integration as well as intelligent information transfer.

3. Advertisements:

Advertisements are a great way to solve various objectives. It can be utilised to relay product awareness, create brand visibility, launch products, etc.

  1. Video Ads: video ads have been traditionally used to generate high return KPIs. It can be utilised to increase awareness, reliance, visibility, affinity, trust, and many more factors that are essential.
  2. YouTube Ads: YouTube compulsorily shows an ad or two before any video is played. The time duration is varied which are 6 secs, 20 secs, and long length (It has the ‘Skip’ option which appears after 5 secs). In a short span of time a video must be highly informative and precise for effective penetration.
  3. Instagram Ads: Instagram is the most used social media platform. An ad placed on Instagram will sureshot provide elevated engagement, massive visibility, and reinvigorated conversions.
  4. Facebook Ads: Facebook is still a favoured destination for the majority of millennials, Gen-X and boomers. Brands can utilise Facebook ads to transfer accurate information for their KPI benefits. Time and again brands like OnePlus, Groww, etc. have utilised the platform to generate high conversions.
  5. LinkedIn Video Ads: LinkedIn is a highly professional social platform. Brands targeting B2B, B2C, etc. can utilise the platform for their growth.

Now that you’re aware of the services provided by video production agencies, let’s explore the reasons for considering their services to enhance your brand’s growth.

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Best Video Production Agency’s USPs

1. Data-driven Strategies

A full-service video production company like Vidzy inculcates data in decision-making. Possession of a comprehensive database of market, in-depth understanding of social media platforms, and ingenuity in video production helps in smart strategy conceptualization and creates a strong video foundation that is an absolute necessity in a congested market landscape.

2. Professional Studio With state-of-the-art Equipment

A brand video is not complete with mere raw footage. It requires video post production services like editing, colour correction, music & voiceover, and detailed finishing utilising the  latest technologies to blow life in the videos.

3. Affordable pricing

Video production is considered costlier but with full service production under one roof minimises leakage and saves a hefty amount of sum.

4. Expertise and Experience

The video creative production company must have good working experience. Through valuable insights and expertise in strategizing numerous projects, a production agency becomes fail safe throughout campaign duration.

5. Quick turnaround time

In a fast-moving market scenario, time is of great essence. A digital video production company must have an impeccable turnaround time. It can save crucial time which can be effectively utilised in complementary growth purposes. Interestingly, with a low turnaround time and timely delivery, the brand gets due advantage in brand video placement too. Vidzy masters it!

6. Diverse range of Videos

As a professional video production company, diversity of offered video content is a must. Vidzy offers multiple video formats like bumper ads, 2D motion graphics, 3D motion graphics, Animation, Product shoots, etc. caters to taste-specific and niche-oriented audiences.

7. Newfound success

Brands which collaborate for video marketing strategies with best video production companies, register an increase in ROIs, ROAS, and qualitative growth of a brand’s persona. Whereas, massive audience engagement and interaction, holistic visibility, and increased awareness are the sureshot primary results.

8. Creative and innovative Storytelling

The very first purpose of videos is to enthral and enchant the audience. A video making company must brainstorm and infuse creative, compelling, and innovative solutions in the videos that completely captivates the audiences.

Way forward

There exists numerous top video production companies in India but selecting the right one is very pivotal to the whole marketing campaign.

Vidzy is one such video company, which specialises in video creation on market trendy guidelines. It also provides access to booming technologies, fail-safe strategies, influencer capabilities, and enriched expertise.

Vidzy,  the best video production company in India is aware of the whole nerve centre of video marketing as well as the prevailing market condition. The wisdom of Vidzy helps brands achieve newer and newer psychological levels in their campaigns.

Still not satisfied? Skim the case studies undertaken and successfully delivered by Vidzy for brands like Amazon, boAt, Nobero, Yamaha, and the list goes on.

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