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3 Top Reasons to Have a Tortoise Pet

Are you confused about selecting the ideal pet for your household? We have a perfect companion for you that requires minimum maintenance and stays by your side for decades. We’re talking about tortoises. These gentle beings require minimum space and effort from their owners and survive on inexpensive food. The following factors will help you make an informed decision while buying tortoises for sale.

1. Affordable And Low Maintenance

While getting a pet, it is best that you choose an inexpensive option that needs minimum investment. Cats and dogs may make great companions, but these require expensive maintenance. Vet trips, regular medication, and special foods will cost you big bucks. But that’s not the case with tortoises.

The biggest pro of having a tortoise is its inexpensive diet. They are herbivorous and survive on vegetables, fungi, fruits, and plants. Tortoises also need to maintain their calcium requirements. Therefore, it would be better to choose an artificial tortoise food with enough calcium supplements. Additionally, you can also feed your pet tortoise home-grown vegetables and fruits. Just make sure they are not spoiled and stay fresh when you drop them in the enclosure.

Tortoises are relatively cheap and require very little maintenance. These guys move slowly and don’t need a ton of space. Therefore a small enclosure is enough to serve as their habitat. The only requirement is a UV bulb for climate control and some substrate for greater temperature stability.

2. They Live Long Lives

The average lifespan of a dog is 10 to 13 years which is pretty much the same as cats. That means, sooner or later, you’ll have to say goodbye to your furry companion. Losing a pet may impact a person emotionally. But you can save yourself from emotional trauma by choosing a tortoise as a pet.

A tortoise can live up to 150 years if treated with care. This ensures that the loyal bond between you and your companion continues for decades.

3. Harmless Companions

Cats and dogs may unintentionally hurt their parents with their sharp claws or teeth but not tortoises. Some species with sharp beaks may harm the owners, but you can always choose the other tortoise types. Primarily, all tortoises are considered very safe pets and perfect for people with young children around.

Cats and dogs shed hair excessively, that not only makes their maintenance difficult but also poses health threats to the owners. The shedding can act as an irritant and trigger the allergies of some individuals. However, tortoises don’t shed. On the contrary, their living space remains clean for weeks.


Tortoises are calm, quiet, and introverted animals that make great pets. These shelled companions are very inexpensive and easy to maintain. Additionally, their harmless nature and longevity make them ideal pets for young children.

These guys usually keep to themselves and enjoy their own company. Buying tortoises for sale is the perfect solution if you have a busy schedule and don’t want your pet wandering around the whole house while you work.

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