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Moving Trends In 2023: According To 86% Of Survey Participants, Mental Health Will Improve With Moving To A Different City

Moving into a different city to start a new life is expected in the USA. But what are the reasons for the move? Are people satisfied with the step they took?

We looked for the answers to those questions (and many more), so we surveyed 1000 participants from all over the USA who moved in the last two years. Here are the results of our survey.

Moving Trends In Numbers

  • 72% of participants moved only 50-100 miles from their home
  • 82% of participants hired professional movers for the move – 74% of them booked a full-service, while 8% decided on labor-only
  • 49% of participants prioritized keeping their belongings safe during the move over an affordable price or stress-free experience
  • Once relocated, 38% of participants struggled with making new friends, and 28% of them said that the hardest thing to do it to adjust to a new neighborhood

Why Do We Move In The First Place?

The reason for the move is mainly connected to improving the life situation. That means people are moving to pursue higher education (22%) or because they received a better job offer (43%).

Moving Trends In 2023

But there are a few social factors as well. People decide to move when they make a big step, such as moving in together, marriage, pregnancy, or even separating or breaking up (30%). The last reason for the move is connected to another stage in life – retirement (5%).

Challenges Behind The Move

Once they decided on the move, our participants had to share the news with members of their households. Unfortunately, 53% of them experienced problems sharing their decision with their spouses, partners, or roommates.

Challenges Behind The Move

The second challenge participants experienced was the organization of the move. Almost 35% of participants said the hardest thing to do is pack and eventually unpack your belongings. A close second is deciding on a company to hire for the move, whether a moving company, truck, or pod rental (24%). Finally, selling or donating unwanted items (14%) has a similar percentage as dealing with paperwork such as utilities, contracts, etc. (13%).

What was the hardest thing to do during move

Hiring Professionals For The Move Or DIY Principle?

According to 82% of participants who booked a moving company for their last move, hiring a professional company saves you time, money, and belongings. 74% of participants let the movers handle everything from organization to heavy lifting and transporting, while 8% decided to organize and transport themselves, while movers can do the heavy lifting. 18% of participants agreed on the DIY principle, so they rented a truck or a van (10%) or asked their family and friends for help (8%).

Hiring Professionals For The Move Or DIY Principle

With that in mind, it is natural to see that 67% of participants spent $1000-$3000 budget on the move, while 28% of them spent under $1000. Only 5% of participants spend more than $3000, which can be connected to a greater distance or more significant move volume.

Starting A New Life – Expectations VS Reality

Starting A New Life

Starting a new life isn’t easy. But, despite that, 97% of participants said they were satisfied with their new surroundings. Moreover, they are more than satisfied because 86% of them said their mental health improved with this step. It is refreshing to see that moving can improve life for such a high percentage.

How did the move affect your mental health

But this feeling didn’t come overnight. There are a few challenges while moving to a different location, and our participants know it. For example, 38% told us that making new friends was difficult, while 28% said adjusting to a new neighborhood was not as easy as expected. In addition, 23% of participants admitted they struggled with adjusting to a new job, while 11% struggled with different weather and temperature.

what represents the most significant problem in your new location


There is nothing wrong with moving to improve your life professionally, privately, or socially, and we know it. That is why so many people decide to move once they feel it is time for a change. Moving is a part of your life, and we can see that it is one of those trends that won’t change that quickly.

Luxury Movers Moving Company conducted this survey on 19th of April 2023 with 1000 participants who moved in the last 2 years. Participants were male (46%) and female (54%) with an average age 35-44 years.

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