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That’s how much money a housewife should actually earn

Housewives work really hard and usually don’t see a penny for it. A woman in Spain had enough because of this. Read her story here and how much a housewife should actually earn.

Women work in their job every day – and then they also have to take on most of the household chores. Most of the time this is taken for granted by the partners and as a housewife, you don’t get any money anyway. A woman from Spain, who did the entire household on her own during her 25-year marriage, thinks that this should end now – and after a divorce, she is suing for her money in court. We looked at her story and also found out how much money a housewife should make.

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  • A housewife tries to earn her money after a 25-year marriage
  • These are the services that a housewife performs free of charge
  • These jobs unite mothers
  • That’s how much mothers should earn a month

A housewife tries to earn her money after a 25-year marriage

In 25 years, a lot of households come together. If you don’t even get nice words for the unpaid work, you can understand women like the Spaniard Ivana Moral. Because she longs for (financial) compensation for all her work in her marriage.

With this demand, she goes to court – and wins! Her ex-husband now has to pay her more than 200,000 euros for years of unpaid housework during the marriage. During her marriage, Ivana Moral took care of the household and children on her own and also works unpaid as a cleaner in her husband’s fitness club – without any financial or moral recognition.

The Spaniard was deprived of all possible career opportunities because she only took care of her house and family and received no support. At the same time, her husband continued to expand his fortune. According to the lawyer Marta Fuentes, the verdict should be exemplary “for all those women who are in the shadow of men who advance their careers”.

These are the services that a housewife performs free of charge

The compensation for the Spaniards was made up of the minimum wage in Spain for the year of marriage. In addition, the woman receives a monthly pension of 500 euros and 1000 euros for her ex’s two daughters. As you can see from Ivana Moral, many women put their own careers aside in favor of the family. But what exactly does a housewife have to do for free?

Many people take it for granted that women are the go-to girl. You are a cook, cleaning lady, assistant, teacher, chauffeur, and nanny all in one – and you don’t see a penny for it. Of course, one is grateful when one gets recognition for one’s deeds from one’s family. But sometimes that’s just not enough.

These jobs unite mothers

Most of us probably know that mothers are real superheroes. But did you know that a mother combines at least eight different jobs? On average, mothers have a 14-hour work day, which means they work 98 hours a week, which is significantly more than the standard 40-hour week. Because of the overtime alone, mothers should be paid significantly more than average employees.

The comparison portal has therefore made it its task to find out how much a mother should earn. Also used for this calculation were, among other things, jobs as a teacher, cook, cleaner, managing director, psychologist, chauffeur, pediatric nurse, and teacher and the associated average salary of these jobs.

That’s how much mothers should earn a month

In the following graphic, you can see how much a mom would earn for her work. Of course, this is only a guideline, as many activities of a mother overlap. But this graphic can be used as a good starting point for raising awareness of the (financial, we don’t even want to start with the moral value here) value of a mom.

how much a mom would earn for her work

The result of this research: With all the many jobs a mother combines, she would have to earn 7605 euros gross per month. Texas blogger Steven Helms came up with a similar salary when calculating his wife’s various jobs. In conclusion, he himself says that he could not afford his wife at all – and this shows once again how indispensable women are and in many cases like to do all this despite the lack of payment.

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