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Clean and Hygienic Backyard Tips: The Role of Poop Scoopers in Puppy to Senior Dog Care

Clean and Hygienic Backyard

Has your backyard lost its lackluster due to it being your dog’s favorite place to relieve themselves? If yes, I understand the pain you feel. A backyard for anybody and everybody is symbolic of relaxation, springtime memories, or just some ‘me time.’ No one wishes to imagine dog poo basking in the sun where a human would hope to enjoy their stress-free times. To best deal with this kind of a situation, it is highly advisable a pet parent invest in a dog poop scooper.

Now you may be wondering what does this funny word, “poop scooper,” even mean? To clarify, a poop scooper for dogs is a spade-like device used to remove your dog’s excrement from public spaces or even your backyard. It is the most sanitary and least yucky way of dealing with a situation like such and is definitely something you need to introduce to your doggy TLC wishlist.

Poop scoopers are the way to be, it plays a huge role in getting rid of smelly and messy pet waste that could be a health hazard not only for humans but also for any other animals around it. Pet waste if left to sit just like that could attract rodents, bugs, and a variety of insects. It is a given fact that it contains multiple types of bacteria and parasites that can lead to deadly illnesses or diseases for other pets or you. Common illnesses found in dog feces include parvovirus (especially deadly if you have an unvaccinated puppy), E.coli, roundworm, or even salmonella. By using a pooper scooper to your advantage you prevent against spreading of unnecessary diseases in your community since you are successfully disposing of feces properly.

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Another thing to think about is the fact that having multiple piles of dog waste lying around not only looks bad, but it also stinks really bad! The smell of dog waste is recognizable and can easily become overpowering. Pick up after your dog to keep your backyard tidy and odor-free, and do your surroundings, your neighbors, and your nose a favor of a lifetime.

Lastly, storm drains will eventually carry all trash, including dog waste left on a lawn, to the ocean. Increased levels of bacteria from pet waste in our oceans can harm marine life and serve as a trigger for detrimental algal growth, more commonly known as red tides. Please do your part and scoop up your dog’s waste if you want to help the planet.

Now that you know of the importance of a poop scooper, let me as a fellow pet parent facing problems similar to yours make a suggestion.

Invest in the Goofy Tails Foldable Dog Poop Scooper Large that can be used on each and all surfaces, for simple, one-handed pickup and disposal of dog waste. It is simple to use thanks to the non-stick surface and user-friendly design, due to which clean-up sessions have never been closer to effortless. You won’t ever want to scoop again in the same manner. The scooper has a durable spring-controlled mechanism that allows the jaw clamp to be opened and closed with just a squeeze of the handle. To open, squeeze, and to close, just let go. The lightweight scooper’s wide, ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable, secure grip and can be operated with just one hand, suitable for daily multitasking a pet parent has to undertake daily. Additionally, the scooper’s nonstick yet sturdy plastic construction allows for easy maneuverability and clean results. Picked-up items don’t stick to the jaw clamp, allowing for simple dropping into a bucket, trash bag, or waste container. Dog excrement removal cannot possibly become any simpler than it is with this tool.

For many, a downside of adopting a dog is to go through the messy hap-hazard of picking up after the dog, especially around the sanctimonious aspects of your home such as the backyard itself, but with the introduction of the poop scooper for dogs, that excuse mentioned above is just not valid. The poop scooper is an essential doggy care item, without it, you’ll be trapped cleaning up a sticky and stinky mess for what seems like an absolute eternity. As a fellow pet parent who has been through the same, I am certain you would not want that whatsoever. So, now that you know, do yourself, your community, your immediate surroundings, and your beautiful, luscious backyard or garden a huge favor by investing in a poop scooper, it is likely to make the downsides of having a pet much less impacting on your lives. Who said having a pet and cleaning up after them has to be tough? Whoever did probably needs to checkout Goofy Tails’ poop scooper for themselves, so as to realize, that picking up and disposing off your furry friend’s excrement really doesn’t have to be as hectic as people paint it to be.

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