7 Best Online Games To Play When You’re Bored


We’ve all been there. You’re home alone with nothing to do, and there are only so many times you can rearrange your wardrobe! Fear not, with our list of the 10 best online games to play when you’re bored, all you’ll need to do is load up your computer and let the fun begin.

With 1 billion people worldwide enjoying online gaming, you’re in good company with this exciting pastime.

1. Solitaire

Solitaire is the perfect one-player game to play online. This game requires patience, skill, and forward-thinking, so if you want to engage your brain, look no further. This is a good version of the popular game for beginners and advanced players alike.

If you’re looking for more challenges, there are a number of fun variations to consider. This game of Spider Solitaire, for example, includes 104 cards where you have to place in 8 foundation piles.

2. Wordle

If you’re a master of Scrabble offline, you enjoy wordplay, or you have a competitive streak and want to challenge your friends and family, you’ll love the online game, Wordle. The premise is simple. Every day there’s a new word that you’ll have to guess in as few moves as possible with the clues at your disposal. What a fun way to check how extensive your vocabulary really is!

3. Runescape

If you love world-building games like The Sims or Animal Crossing, you’ll adore Runescape. This game takes you back in time to a world in which you have to weld your own tools and trade with others to get by.

Across the game’s lifetime, there have been almost 300 million accounts created – a testament to its well-earned popularity and longevity.

4. Chess

You’ve likely played chess in person, but have you tried your hand at this popular board game against an AI computer?

You’ll find tons of versions of online chess, which you can play either against other players (why not challenge your friends?) or against a computer itself. Just like the original, ‘check mate’ is the aim of the game.

5. Frogger Classic

Originally a beloved arcade game, there’s now an online version of this game which kept children entertained for decades. The aim of the game is simple – take your tiny frog character to the top of the screen while avoiding all the obstacles in your way that could lead to an untimely game over.

6. Google Pac-Man

If you’re in any way a fan of gaming, you’ll have heard of one of the industry’s most popular offerings of all time – Pac-Man.

The game involves navigating Pac-Man through a maze and helping him eat all of the pellets while avoiding the ghosts that chase him. If you’re looking for a way to spend a dull morning or afternoon indoors, there’s simply no game more entertaining.

7. Google Maps Snake

In the late 90s and early 00s, everybody with a mobile phone became obsessed with one thing and one thing only – snake. This game took the world of mobile gaming by storm, and for good reason.

Now, you can re-live the nostalgia of those early mobile phone years by enjoying an online version of this popular classic game, created by Google.

8. Cribbage

The centuries old card game is available online, for free. Cribbage has a simple yet fast paced gameplay style, players must score points through a variety of card combinations, and progress around a cribbage board. Try playing Cribbage here.

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