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11 Pro-tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Carpet Cleaning

11 Pro-tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Carpet Cleaning

The average UK homeowner spends around £1,400 a year on home renovations, including DIY projects, furnishing and repairs. One of the biggest costs can be carpeting, which really adds up when you’re recarpeting an entire home. For that reason, most people want to care for their fluffy flooring to avoid having to pay for new carpet being laid. 

Carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining your carpets, removing stains, nasty odours and deeper dirt and debris that can cause the look and feel of the carpet to degrade over time. To help you get the most out of your carpet cleaning, here are 11 pro-tips:

1. Immediately Tend To Spills

Spills that are not tended to will soak in and can be more tricky to deal with. When spills occur, quickly remove any debris and dab the area with kitchen roll or a clean towel. You can use a spot on chemical cleaning spray, or a natural option of warm water, white vinegar, a tiny squirt of clear washing liquid and some baking soda all mixed together. Spray and dab with kitchen roll, and repeat this process until the stain has gone. 

2. Clear The Space So You Don’t Miss An Inch

Clear the space you’re cleaning so you don’t have to navigate around furniture or other items, ensuring you don’t miss an inch of carpet during the cleaning process. 

3. Be Careful With Cleaning Solutions

Be careful to spot check chemical cleaning solutions on a tiny bit of carpet before full use in case the product reacts with your carpet material and causes bleaching or other issues. 

4. Can You Pre-Treat?

If you can pre-treat an area of carpet you want to clean you will get better results. There are different ways to do this, including using products especially made for this purpose. 

5. Consider A Spot-Cleaner

Spot-cleaners are machines you can buy that are small, compact and enable you to deal with a small stain quickly after it has happened. It can be a convenient option if you have pets and children who are regularly challenging the carpet aesthetics! 

6. Be Careful About Saturation

Too much water when you clean a carpet can lead to mould and mildew, and a really nasty sour smell. Use minimal water, even when spot cleaning, and ensure you have full ventilation and airflow for a few days after cleaning so the excess water has room to escape. 

7. Remove As Much Debris As Possible

Remove as much debris as possible if food or other debris has been spilled. This will stop you accidentally smooshing it into the fibres and causing deeper stains and debris that will cause the fibres to degrade and smell bad down the line. 

8. Plan Your Cleaning Route

When you clean an entire room it makes sense to plan your route, as you would when you mop a kitchen floor. You plan your starting point and where you’re going to end up, cleaning every inch of the carpet on the way. 

9. Overlap Cleaning Lines

When you are cleaning your carpet, overlap the lines rather than leaving a gap between them so you don’t accidentally get unsightly streaks. 

10. Spend More Time On Deeper Stains

Focus on deeper stains that may need more work to loosen up debris and dirt. You may want to apply pre-treatment and extra overall attention to these areas so they have a really good chance of coming up clean at the end of the carpet cleaning process. 

11. Vacuum Between Cleans

Vacuum between spot cleans to remove extra debris from the surface. This is particularly useful if you are sprinkling baking soda to soak up stains and excess moisture, as it removes the spent soda crystals so you can put more down to continue working on the stain. 

12. Regular Professional Deep Cleaning

Regular professional deep cleaning every six months can give the carpet a thorough clean, removing deep stains, odours and debris that are deeper than a spot clean can reach. Professional carpet cleans are usually done quickly, with special liquid removal getting your carpets back to beautiful and dry in a matter of hours. It can also be done on upholstery and rugs, freshening the whole house up with ease. 

Why Not Book Your Deep Carpet Clean In Today? 

Whether your carpets were a Covid-19 pandemic home improvement splurge, or a necessary enhancement after the previous runners had seen better days, it’s worth investing in regular deep carpet cleans to keep your flooring in fantastic condition.  

Why not get in touch with a local professional cleaning company today to find out about their deep carpet cleaning services? Along with the tips above, it’s the best way to keep your carpets smelling fresh and looking beautiful long-term, for a clean, hygienic family home. 


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