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Removing Barriers, GoPillar Delivers Remote Job Opportunities to Designers Worldwide & Assists in Upskilling

GoPillar Delivers Remote Job Opportunities to Designers Worldwide

The emergence of Covid-19 welcomed the new era of remote work globally. This unprecedented surge led all occupations to work from their safe sanctuaries, which included ‘designers.’ However, with work-from-home in vogue, there was no platform available that delivered a creative space to the designers to gain employment and learn new skills. Surprisingly, since only 17 percent of people hired designers to assist in home renovations, it forced professional designers to struggle to find work. These designers were continually searching for a reliable network to gain remote employment.

Understanding the above setbacks, GoPillar emerged as the ultimate solution to deliver high-end remote working opportunities to designers, not limited to any one country. The platform provides innovative ways to redesign the place loved by the client through the online methodology. The customers can update the photographs and blueprints of the space and get dozens of designs, which are quick, convenient, and within budget.

It is imperative to note that more than 60,000 registered designers are on the platform from all corners of the world. Designers already create more than 50,000 projects in GoPillar’s contests. What’s more, 2,000+ homes, shops, and offices have been designed, and over one million prizes have been paid to active designers. Thanks to GoPillar’s revolutionary crowdsourced design model, each customer receives over 25 different design options to choose the solution closest to their tastes and needs.

The new upcoming technologies like BIM are also altering the work processes, leaving the most professional and trustworthy designers behind. Yes! GoPillar has been battling to mend this broken architectural design market since the pandemic, remodeling how people live, learn new technologies, and work.

Embracing remote work is the ultimate way to design homes via online methods, and no platform understands this better than GoPillar. 

In the past years, GoPillar created a vast international community that consists of professional engineers, interior and landscape designers, and architects that work remotely.

The efficient and significant ecosystem delivers professional opportunities to designers with design services and job opportunities. The professional tools assist them in facing future challenges in the fast-paced and demanding industry. As an online marketplace, the platform provides the customer with high-quality designs that are professionally refined.

The designers have redesigned more than 2000 houses on GoPillar. 

Never witnessed on another platform, GoPillar’s market has outgrown organically without advertising. It has grown from 164 competitions to 286 from 2018 to 2021. This is a staggering hike of more than 74 percent, with a notable augmentation in average expenditure per contest.

Constantly learning and growing, GoPillar’s balanced work environment is unparallel. Increasing the cost of design services and bringing forth new services, the platform envisions strengthening the skillsets of professionals on board. In the online competitions by GoPillar, designers worldwide get the opportunity to win cash prizes and create a large client portfolio.

Preferred and loved by professional designers, GoPillar was rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. This filled GoPillar with pride and endeavored to perform manifold. 

Notably, a part of GoPillar’s earnings is reinvested to purchase SaaS design services such as GoPillarVR. This aspect allows the designers to create and finish attractive projects and win competitions. A go-to hub for designers, GoPillar provides freedom of work and access to all chief professional digital services.

Understanding the current architectural service market size of $288 billion, GoPillar is an all-in-one platform for designers. It teaches new skills, trains designers, help them find online jobs and stabilizes their careers. With a sustainable competitive advantage, the professionals have a lower acquisition cost than other prevalent digital services available for designers.

The co-founders of GoPillar, Federico and Filippo Schiano di Pepe and Alessandro Rossi, are driven by a passion for innovation and digital space. In the past years, they have received several personal awards. Frederico was ranked in Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe in 2019. They state, “GoPillar will bring architectural design into the 21st century,” and strive towards it with vigor and passion.

GoPillar aims to transform itself into the world’s leading designer hub to provide designers with job opportunities. GoPillar HR, GoPillar CAD, and GoPillar BIM will be included to train designers, buy and download CADs and 3D models and allow BIM professionals to provide BIM modeling services on a remote platform. It visualizes the future of architecture as international, meritocratic, and plural. In this online space, professionals are provided with apt tools to succeed and deliver services to clients as per their tastes and needs.

The Fundraising Campaign on Republic will assist the platform in raising funding and attracting investors and investments on a large scale. This new funding will empower GoPillar to disrupt the digital space in the industry. The upcoming verticals are working toward the benefit of talented and professional designers. Providing job opportunities, GoPillar is helping remote designers connect with potential customers while reskilling and upskilling themselves. The meritocracy integration allows talents to reach beyond borders and gender.


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