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8 Best Monospaced Fonts for Designers in 2024

Graphic design is the foundation of any business in 2024. With its help, the user forms a general idea of the brand. That is why designers are increasingly serious about choosing each element of their design. Today we will discuss the importance of interesting typography.

The popularity and availability of many fonts have made them unattractive. There are many similar design solutions on the Internet that no longer catch users’ attention. But there is always a way out. Font bundles are one of the options for creating an original design. They are very stylish and minimalist—everything we love in design.

In this article, we will talk about the l8 best-monospaced fonts for your designs in 2024 and why you should consider using them.

What is a Monospaced Font?

Monospaced fonts are classic typefaces that were designed to meet the technical standards of typewriters. They differ from the usual proportional ones in the identical distance between the signs.

Here you can see the difference between these two types:

Monospaced fonts were very popular in the era of typewriters and the beginning of the computer age because they fully met the requirements of graphics and mechanics. Nowadays, most people use proportional fonts, but today we will prove why you should pay attention to the monospace variant.

Why Use a Monospaced Font?

Proportional fonts may be considered more beautiful and readable but it doesn’t stop designers from using monospaced ones. There are a couple of cases where these fonts could be a great way of creative expression. Let’s see why.

  • They are perfect for recreating typewriter text. If you want to create a more “live” design, then imitating the typewriter font will do just right.
  • They look simple. Monospaced fonts will never overload the design so they are ideal for minimalist work.
  • They have a soul. These fonts carry history and a nostalgic vibe. With their help, you can easily add new emotions to your design.

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Best Monospaced Fonts

We have reviewed several resources with monospaced fonts and are ready to show our top picks.

1. Petrichor

Let’s start our list of monospaced fonts with a font that can be easily applied to create accent headers. It combines both very sharp corners and many roundings. Unlike most monospaced fonts, Petrichor does not look as if it had just been in an old book. Feel free to use this font for any theme.


We move on to the next. MAVERIX is very active and independent, so it can be used to create a logo. This font is definitely one of the most stylish and modern in our selection. It is not one of the boring Windows monospaced fonts that you can see everywhere.

The main rule of working with MAVERIX is to not overdo it. It exists in many variations, so it will be easy for you to find something to combine with the bold version.

3. Jubilation

This monospaced font is less serious than the previous ones. It is more round and friendly, so it is interpreted as fun and playful. It is ideal for branding, in which the main idea is a holiday, pleasure, or entertainment.

4. Curiosity

Another interesting alternative among the classic monospaced fonts. It looks like some of the characters are handwritten, which makes it close to life. This option will successfully dilute the most boring design, attract attention, and interest the user.

5. Share Tech Mono

This font is suitable for technical topics. Share Tech Mono does not look like a regular typewriter font, so it is a great choice for modern designs. It looks more like a message from the future than a product of the past.

This monospaced font is actively used by IT companies and services related to digital services.

6. Courier Prime

We have not forgotten about the classics! This is what most people imagine when they think of monospaced fonts. Clear, understandable, and available in several variations, it is perfect for minimalist designs. However, it is better not to convey very important information with Courier Prime, as it can get lost in the background of more active elements of the composition.

7. Xanh Mono

We couldn’t miss this stylish monospaced font. It feels like a 19th-century novel and the French countryside. Using it you will enhance the romance and lightness of the design, so do not oversaturate with other elements with a similar mood. Balance Xanh Mono with something masculine and get an interesting design.

8. Major Mono Display

This is the last font on our list, yet one of the most original we have found. It looks very stylish and will be a great addition to any type of design. You can easily use this monospaced font to bring some airiness into your creative designs.

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Final Thoughts

We have shown you a list of our best picks for monospaced fonts, which became relevant again in 2024. Don’t be afraid to use and combine them with the usual fonts. Such experiments guarantee only a great result in the form of suitable, interesting designs. Also, you can find a lot of free monospaced fonts to try in the process. We hope this list helps you choose the fonts for your next project.



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