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Creative ideas to show your love – not just on Valentine’s Day

Not only on Valentine’s Day are small gestures and maintaining a relationship. Showing his feelings is an important point in a happy relationship, but small and big surprises are not so easy to plan for everyone. Tips so that your gesture will definitely be well received – Valentine’s Day or not – we will give you now.

Valentine's Day Creative ideas

Of words, deeds, and gifts

Everyone shows their feelings differently: with words, deeds, or gifts. And every person evaluates the gestures differently. For some, getting the garbage is a matter of course and for others, it is a gesture of love. So that it works in a relationship, not only the chemistry has to be right, but also the “language” in which everyone expresses their love. First of all, you have to worry about what your favorite person wants for a kind of gesture.

The classic love letter

Even if you may have said it many times: Write down that you love your favorite people. Words have faded back after a few seconds, but you can read a love letter over and over again and enjoy it every time. The more personal and honest the text, the better. Even if you are not a master in a love letter, sincere words still mean so much to your partner.

A letter full of feelings is still a nice memory even after years.
A letter full of feelings is still a nice memory even after years.

The best thing to do is to write down the key points, that you notice particularly positively on the other. It is good if you take a lot of time for it. For example, you can continue to add your list over the day: “Help, trust, loving look, …”

Next, you formulate a whole sentence on your note sheet from your key points and describe more precisely what you mean by this point on the list. There is also good content in your letter: “I can always count on you. No matter what I need your help, you support me and make me stronger. If I can’t make my nails paint again and again and again in the paint you will even become a prospective nail studio professional for me. ”

Last but not least, it is now to be written. All spelling mistakes have been corrected and the order of the text do you also like? Then off to a lovely card and your love message is ready.

A romantic date

Get efforts for the other and make romantic preparations, your favorite person will not only show your love but also make a common experience possible that connects you. When choosing the date, you can let your creativity run free. Think about what could give you both pleasure.

Spending time with your partner is valuable. An evening far from everyday life is a good gift for a special opportunity.
Spending time with your partner is valuable. An evening far from everyday life is a good gift for a special opportunity.

Ideas for your date:

  • Dinner evening at home
  • Wellness Program
  • Cooking class
  • Picnic in the park
  • Visit the theater
  • etc.

Use your talents

Can you cook well? Do you like to read books or play an instrument? Then use your talent to give your partner joy. Cooks your favorite dish, read an exciting book or learn to play your favorite song with your instrument – there are many ways to give the other a very personal and favorable joy.

Gifts that come from the heart

Gifts that come from the heart
The surprise arrives even better.

Small objects that you always carry with you have a nice meaning: it accompanies the recipient everywhere, even if you can’t be there for your favorite man yourself. A necklace or a bracelet, but also a watch or another accessory are best suited for this. But exclusive delicacies from a delicatessen or a short vacation are also a good idea if the favorite person actually has no open wishes at the moment.

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