11 Tips and Antispasmodic Home Remedies For Muscle Cramps

Are you looking for effective, natural remedies for cramps? Then you are exactly right here! Almost every one of us has already experienced one or the other cramp in his life. Calf -cramps and muscle cramps in the neck, in the hands, in the buttocks, or even on the soles of the feet are particularly not uncommon.

Most of them occur unexpectedly and dissolve again after a short time. No matter where: the cramp itself is usually extremely uncomfortable or painful.

Natural remedies for Muscle cramps

You can often feel something from particularly intensive muscle cramps for a few hours or even days after because they are so affected that they only gradually recover. For many people, these cramps are rather a rare exception. Others have cramps every day and feel limited in everyday life.

In this article, I would therefore like to introduce you to natural home remedies and the best tips against cramps that work as quickly as possible and remedy the situation. Here we go!

In advance you will find a brief overview of the post:

  1. Regularly stretch
  2. Use cannabidiol (CBD)
  3. Massage
  4. Calmly
  5. Regularly changing showers
  6. Record sufficient magnesium
  7. Use core soap
  8. Ensure enough sports & movement
  9. Drink a lot of fluids
  10. Go to the sauna
  11. Take a warm bathroom

11 tips and home remedies for muscle cramps

What happens in the event of a muscle cramp? Biologically speaking, one speaks of a cramp when a muscle contracts unexpectedly and strongly – so much that it triggers pain.

The possible causes of cramps are diverse. For example, a malfunction of the nervous system can be based. The cramps often also appear as a side effect of diseases and medication. However, the root of the Kramptopfe is particularly common and a consequence of too one-sided diet and a consequent lack of nutrients.

Fortunately, there are some natural home remedies that have an antispasmodic effect and can give you more quality of life again. Here are my most valuable tips for immediate help and in order to get (almost) no more cramps in the future.

1. Stretch regularly

Stretch regularly

If you suffer from cramps from time to time, you know that it will help when you stretch the affected muscle. Stretching is both a sensible immediate measure, and can also significantly reduce the general tendency to seize. So stretch your muscles regularly. Take the time and stretch the area in which the cramps appear more often.

2. Use Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non -intoxicating active ingredient in the hemp plant. The CBD says numerous modes of operation and positive properties. CBD is considered a natural pain reliever, it should lift the mood and also help with coping with stress. In addition, an antispasmodic and muscle-relaxing effect is suspected – exactly what you need in the fight against your cramps.

hemp plant

Cannabinoids should not only help with muscle cramps but also with abdominal cramps during the period. To do this, it must be taken over a longer period of time. Daring forms such as capsules or oils, which you use a pipette under the tongue, simplify the practical & daily dosage with CBD.

3. Massage


Professional athletes are regularly massaged. This serves to prevent sore muscles and protect the stressed muscles from cramps. Even if you don’t count yourself in this group, massages can of course help you to reduce your Kramptopfe. Therefore, let yourself be massaged regularly – whether by your partner or your partner – or in a professional massage studio.

4. Make Calf Wraps

A cloth that is soaked in warm water and placed on the muscle is a classic home remedy against cramps. The warmth of the calf wraps ensures that the cramped muscles loosen again after an ordinary cramp or a seizure. This makes the occurrence of particularly painful follow-up cramps less likely and makes everyday life easier.

5. Regularly changing showers

Changes are healthy because they crank the metabolism and strengthen the connective tissue. You can also help with a seizure of seizures. You should shower your body regularly and alternately with warm and cold water for a minute. The temperature difference ensures good blood circulation in your muscles – the better they are supplied with blood, the more relaxed they are.

6. Record sufficient magnesium

A common reason for muscle cramps is the lack of magnesium. The targeted absorption of nutrients via food or in the form of high-quality powder from the pharmacy can fix this problem. Pumpkin seeds, wheat bran, almonds, pine nuts, oatmeal, cocoa powder, bananas, figs, and chickpeas are particularly rich in magnesium.

Important: In some cases, however, the lack of intake is not responsible, but the physical inability to absorb the magnesium. If in addition to calf cramps, cramps also occur in the neck or on the chewing muscles, this tends to speak for a magnesium deficiency. In order to rule out a weakness in recording, you should definitely get a doctor’s advice.

7. Use core soap

When it comes to natural remedies for cramps, I shouldn’t forget a classic: the core soap under the covers. The versatile home remedy has been used for a long time to combat painful calf and other muscle cramps and can also confidently be counted among our grandparents’ sustainable life. Even if the effect is not scientifically proven, you can try it out. Simply wrap a piece of core soap in a fabric towel and put it near your calves or the often cramped area at night.

8. Ensure sufficient sport and movement

Regular movement helps against cramps. However, those who tend to cramp often develop a real fear of sports, since they usually occur with greater stress. The basic idea: the more I use my muscles, the more they will cause me problems.

The wrist splints are used to immobilize the wrist and facilitate healing. This allows for swelling to recede and pain to diminish. There are many types and brands of splinting materials available, each designed for a specific purpose.

Yoga has many advantages and is particularly advisable in such a case. It stretches the muscles intensely and thus contributes to loosening. This makes cramps less common and less intense.

Tip: To prevent cramps during sports, you should make sure that your clothes are not too tight and, if possible, consists of breathable material.

9. Drink a lot of liquid

The most natural remedy for cramps is water drinking. Experts advise drinking at least 3 liters every day. In high heat, with lots of movement, or gastrointestinal complaints, you should even adjust the amount of drinking upwards. And even in the fight against muscle cramps, it can help you if you take up a lot of fluid.

Drink a lot of liquid

The water provides you with important fabrics that support your body in absorbing nutrients. In addition, good hydrogenation stimulates blood circulation. If you drink enough water, it is likely that your cramps will soon become less or at least easier.

Tip: Even unsweetened lavender tea is a drink that, for example, is often used as a quick aid for abdominal cramps.

10. Go to the sauna

What to do about cramps? Visit the sauna again! The effect is comparable to the tip of the alternating show: The warmth in the sauna helps your muscles loosen and relax. If you go to the ice cream room or the diving pool between the saunas, the temperature difference ensures that your limbs are better supplied with blood. Good blood circulation has an antispasmodic effect and subsequently makes your everyday life more relaxed.

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11. Take a warm bathroom

Speaking of warmth! A warm bath is beneficial for the body and mind. It can also be helpful with a tendency to have cramps. The water temperature should be around 37 ° Celsius. In addition, it is advisable to spend a maximum of 30 minutes in the tub. The warm water in the bathtub helps your muscles to relax, which makes it less likely to appear. There are also special bath additives in retail that can help with muscle tension or pain -for example by adding Arnika.

Tip: It is basically about preventing muscle cramps through warmth. Therefore, a hot water bottle in the affected area can relax the muscles relatively quickly.

Tips and natural remedies for cramps to heart and use!

Basically, it is not questionable if you only have a calf cramp or comparable muscle cramps irregularly. However, if the occurrence, however, is adding more unusual places such as the hands, jaw muscles, or neck area, it is definitely time to consult a doctor. This helps you to diagnose or at least rule out a possible underlying disease. This is important because this is the only way you can preserve your health in the long term.

Even if the cause research is important, you should actively do something against your cramps – for prevention and of course as an immediate aid. Experience has shown that cramps can be easily alleviated with the home remedies mentioned.

Have you had any questions, tips, or your own experiences with the removal of muscle cramps that you want to share? I’m looking forward to your comment.

Stay healthy,


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