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Web Design Seo Tips To Improve Conversions In 2022

If you are willing to improve website conversions, there are several various methods to consider. One of the most effective ones is discussed in this article – it conceals improving website design. Taking care of the website design for SEO purposes ensures a lot of benefits some of which you did not even know. In fact, creating proper design makes a huge part of the SEO website development strategy. Learn more about the importance of website design and its power to improve conversions in 2022.

How do improve website conversions?

Some websites have only informative and brand awareness purposes, while others serve as e-commerce platforms. For the latter, the website conversions are highly important as those define the rates of the overall number of visitors to those that have made a purchase. The higher the conversion rate is, the higher the profits your business website brings.

If your website is not as profitable as you intend, then it is necessary to improve the website conversion rate. In case your website already has a decent conversion rate but you want to improve it even further, you should apply techniques that would help you with that.

One of those is getting local backlinks from the business websites that also operate in the same area. Investing time and effort in link building promotes its rankings and helps to attract a higher number of new visitors.

Another effective way to increase the conversion rate is to improve the website design. Even though the design is a core component in SEO website development in 2022, it might need adjustments over time.

Best tips for improving website design

Before making any adjustments to the website, you should perform a detailed SEO analysis. In order to know which indicators to look at, click here to get more information on how to perform a thorough SEO analysis.

Once the preliminary examination is completed, you can start improving the website design. To better realize what is website design for SEO-friendly online resources, you should consider the tips provided below.


When building website design for SEO, you should consider the specifics of how people perceive information. It concerns the overall layout of the page as well as smaller details such as font and text characteristics.

Make sure your text is split up into several paragraphs consisting of 3-4 sentences each, so the text does not appear as a bulk of letters difficult to read. Moreover, select the appropriate color and size of the font that would be acceptable for readers’ eyes. If you are not sure which font is right, you can perform several testing sessions and get feedback from potential clients.

Responsive design

Think of which devices you usually tend to use for accessing the internet. Most likely those are a tablet or a smartphone in most cases and a personal computer in rare cases. Thus, you expect that websites will look appropriate on each of these devices.

The correspondence between the device types and the website layout is called responsive design. Modern websites must adhere to these principles in order to correspond to contemporary SEO expectations. Otherwise, the offset text fragments and scattered images would confuse users inducing them to leave a website.

In order to improve your website conversions, you need to make sure that your website corresponds to the responsive design standards. Use dedicated SEO tools or functions on website builders that allow you to check and adjust the website view on iPhone, Samsung smartphone, tablet, or any other specific gadget.


Visual elements have the same value as the textual content on the website if not greater. That is why taking care of images in terms of design and SEO concepts contributes to the improvement of website conversions in general.

First of all, make sure that the images are of high quality and processed in photo editing software, you check more about photo retouch here. This helps to make photos more attractive and eye-catching for your website visitors.

Verify the file size of each image and compress it if needed in case the file is too large. Sometimes, website builders show tips with the following recommendation when you upload such images. This would help to increase page load speed and decrease bounce rate.

Also, check the attributes of your image when you upload it to the website. Give an image a name that corresponds to its content and uses keywords used on the web page. Then, type the alt text in the appropriate field and include the keywords as well.

Website navigation

Getting to any section on the website must be intuitive and thus easy for each visitor. The main menu should be accessible from any page of the website so that users can get back to it at any time when needed. Also, create logical connections between the co-related page on your website by inserting internal links from one page to another.

Enhancing the navigation not only helps users to surf the website but also makes it easier for crawlers to comprehend your website structure. This extremely helps with faster indexing of the web pages and improves website rankings.


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