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What Are The Things That You Can Do With Your Old Sheets

If you have old bedsheets lying around your house, here are 31 genius things you can do with them. Donate them to Goodwill or make a rag rug with them. You can even make a bracelet or bangle out of them. All you need is some creativity. Creating a beautiful handmade gift is also a great way to recycle these items. There are many uses for old bed sheets.

Genius Ways To Repurpose Old Bedsheets

  • Donation

If you have an extra set of bed sheets, you may be wondering how you can repurpose them. In addition to making them more useful, these sheets are also incredibly absorbent, making them great for use as cleaning rags. Instead of discarding them, you can reuse them for cleaning, dusting, and more. You can also donate them to your local thrift store, homeless shelter, or pet rescue center.

  • Hangers

One idea is to make new hangers from scrap sheets. Instead of using plastic hangers, wrap them with scrap sheets for hangers. This will not only make your clothes look more stylish but will also help keep them from slipping off the hangers. You will need a lot of patience, but it’s a project you can do while watching TV. Alternatively, you can use the sheets to make purses or drawstring bags.

  • Tablecloths

You can also use old bedsheets as tablecloths. If you don’t have a table, you can place a fitted sheet at the bottom of your sofa to prevent sand from falling into the room. These sheets are easy to wash, iron, and clean. And because they’re made of fabric, they can double as a wall hanging or tablecloth.


Considering donating your old sheets to Goodwill? You are not alone! Many people do not realize that the organization accepts gently used bedding and clothing. Besides being a great way to make new bedsheets, Goodwill stores also take vehicles. Donations of cars and trucks are welcome at most Goodwill stores. Boats can be donated as well if you are planning to move or need space for a boat. If you have a business and want to donate the boat or RV, you can also donate it to Goodwill. Goodwill even accepts fleet vehicles, so you can donate them for free.

  • Check the sheet

Before you donate your old sheets, choose proper bed sheets and remember to check for major rips and tears. Some hygiene products may contain dangerous or toxic ingredients, so Goodwill staff members need to check them. You should also make sure that you wash all items thoroughly. Indoor cleaners may contain dangerous chemicals, have expired expiration dates, or even be damaged. It is best to take a few minutes to check and sanitize your items before donating them.

  • Donation drop-offs

If you’re looking for an easy way to donate your old sheets, you should consider Goodwill’s donation drop-off locations. Goodwill has locations across the country, so you can search by zip code for one near you. Or, you can find a pickup service, like MakeSpace, in Chicago, Washington, and NYC. If you’re in an area without Goodwill drop-off locations, you can call Goodwill to arrange a pickup.

  • Curtains

Your old sheets can also be used as curtains, table cloths, or napkins. Donate them to Goodwill if you want to create something beautiful from them. For instance, you can use them for a picnic blanket or keep them in your car trunk. Even if you don’t want to donate them, you can always use them as gift bags or shoe bags. These items are great ways to recycle old linens.

Making A Bangle

If you’re interested in creating a handmade bangle, you may want to try using recycled materials. Using old sheets and vellum is a fantastic way to upcycle materials. Old ads, newspapers, and magazines are also great options. For the most unique bangle, consider using foam flowers or sequins. If you’re not sure how to create these, you can follow instructions from Nice Kazi to make your own.

  • Procedure

First, cut the ribbon. Once it’s cut, glue it around the bangle. If you have a few extra pieces, use them to cut a flower shape out of one of the old sheets. Once that’s done, you can add small beads inside the flower to adorn the bangle with a beautiful centerpiece. If you’d like to go all out, try using a stone or metal ball as a centerpiece.

  • Rolled newspapers

If you’re not interested in using the old sheets, consider using the pieces of your rolled newspapers or plastic bangles as a base for making a bangle. These pieces can make beautiful bracelets and bangles, and they’re kid-friendly, too! If you’d rather not go through the trouble of making your own, you can also purchase plastic bangles for less than $1 each at Dollar Store. Alternatively, you can simply cut strips of old sheets and glue them into place.

Making A Sleeping Bag Liner

  • Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag liner is a waterproof cover for your sleeping bag. This waterproof cover is a 220cm by 100cm long piece of material. The liner has a zipper and a half-length opening on both sides. It is large enough to accommodate a king-sized pillow and prevent the pillow from touching the skin. It is very useful and will make your sleeping bag much more comfortable!

Using old sheets as sleeping bag liners is an excellent way to save money on camping trips. However, it is imperative to keep the material clean and dry. There are several ways to clean used sheets. Check out these tips to make your old sheets into a sleeping bag liner. You can also make your sleeping bag liners! Just follow these steps to create a liner for your favorite sleeping bag.

  • Extends the life of the sleeping bag

You can make a sleeping bag liner from an old bed sheet or fleece blanket. You do not need to use a thicker summertime sheet as a liner. It is also more convenient to wash as opposed to the sleeping bag itself. The advantage of using a sleeping bag liner is that it can extend the life of your sleeping bag. Without a liner, your sleeping bag will become damp and moldy due to moisture. Sometimes you may wonder is it enough to sleep 6 hours a day because of your sleeping problems. You can use a sleeping bag for better sleep.


If you do not have a sleeping bag or you want a cheap alternative to synthetic or down sleeping bags, you can use a liner for your bag. This lightweight fabric is comfortable against the skin and adds a layer of insulation to your sleeping bag. The liner can also act as a barrier for the bedding that you have or are considering buying. If you live in a humid region, a sleeping bag liner may be too warm for you.

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