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Interactive Websites for Students: What Are the Benefits of Visiting Them?


There is a period of education in the life of almost everyone. During this time, a person assimilates a certain amount of knowledge accumulated by previous generations. At the same time, the period of study is getting longer. Firstly, it is associated with the steady growth of knowledge, and secondly – with the fact that the development of learning technologies does not correspond to the rate of growth of the volume and level of accumulated knowledge. At present, it takes up to twelve years to complete general secondary education. About six are spent on specialized higher education. Postgraduate studies can take up to 3-4 years.

Thus, the period of education is an essential part of human life. At the same time, scientific and technological progress is causing a rapid increase in the volume and level of knowledge, the acquisition of which only by increasing the duration of training becomes impossible. One of the ways to solve the problem is the introduction of information technology in education, which can significantly increase the efficiency of the educational process and transfer knowledge without increasing the period of study.

What Are the Pros of Useful Study Websites for Students?

The bulk of information resources in the form of web pages or files in HTML format is located on interactive websites for students hosted on the Internet web servers. Such useful study websites are an effective tool in the arsenal of any student. It can be used by students of different educational institutions to obtain specialized knowledge. Pay attention to the main benefits:

  • Increase of interest and general motivation to study due to new forms of work and involvement in the priority direction of scientific and technological progress;
  • Individualization of training: everyone works in a mode that suits him;
  • Intensification of learning through the use of attractive and fast-changing forms of information, students’ competition with the machine and with themselves, the desire to get a higher grade;
  • Formation of skills and abilities for creative activity;
  • Education of information culture;
  • Mastering the skills of operational decision-making in a difficult situation;
  • Students’ access to information banks, the ability to quickly obtain the necessary information;
  • Intensification of independent work of students;
  • Increase in the volume of tasks performed per lesson.

Websites for Students: 5 Online Resources Everyone Should Visit

Below we will describe 5 good study websites that students may find useful. Carefully study the material provided and decide which of the websites can bring you the greatest benefits.


Wikipedia is a huge library that allows you to get diverse information about any topic of concern. All materials are freely available and translated into almost all languages known today, which allows you to quickly find the right information. A distinctive feature of the world-famous Internet encyclopedia is that the tool for editing it is in the hands of every network user, but the information remains valid, reliable, and relevant. Today, over 24 million articles on topical issues are collected on the website, which is viewed by an audience of 400 million per month.


Edx is an online platform that offers a diversity of training courses that allow students to master skills useful for personal or career life. The company was founded in 2012 by several professors from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Edx is currently used by millions of students around the world, a great number of the world’s top-ranked educational institutions, and leading firms in the field. As an online non-profit establishment, Edx contributes to changing the traditional approach to education by eliminating barriers related to both access to services and their high costs. Edx is rethinking learning opportunities in order to meet people’s need to learn on their own specific terms. It provides the highest quality and unique learning experience, including innovative MicroMasters programs.

Supporting students at every stage (changing majors, trying to get a promotion, learning new skills, or entering the job market), Edx offers courses for inquisitive minds on a variety of topics (from data analysis and programming to leadership and communication). Edx runs vocational education courses, provides exclusive services for high schools, works with huge corporations (such as Microsoft), and is focused on providing learning anytime and anywhere.


Surely, every student has a lot of unnecessary textbooks at home. On TheBookPond.com, you can sell them at a bargain price and buy new ones. It is a platform that has a lot of educational books for sale and purchase, so every student will benefit from visiting it.


As it is known, Whatuni is a company that publishes information about British universities and compares them with each other. Since 2012, they have been identifying the best universities according to students and awarding them the Student Choice Award. Winners and runners-up are determined in four categories: student support, inclusion, excellence in innovation, employment assistance.

By visiting Whatuni.com, you can learn about modern educational institutions, their pros and cons. This will allow you to decide on the choice of university for further education.


This is a website that offers quality help with homework for students. It hires experienced professionals who perform scientific and technical hw assignments instantly and provide free edits. Therefore, you will surely find someone who will cope with your programming homework assignment or any other type of work.

Is It Safe to Get Programming Help Online?

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So, as you can see, visiting helpful study websites can bring a lot of benefits to a student. Do not miss the opportunity to get effective programming assignment help from experts!


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