7 Major Differences Between Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Differences Between Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

CBD oil and hemp oil are not interchangeable. In fact, the products are completely different compounds used for different reasons. The only thing the elements have in common is they’re extracted from hemp.

So what else separates hemp and CBD oils? Quite a bit as you’ll see. Here are seven differences between hemp oil and CBD products.

1. Production

CBD oil is produced by using whole hemp plants with high-tech extraction procedures. The most common is CO2 oil extraction. Hemp oil is usually dark and green as CBD tends to be a light golden to dark brown hue. A cold-press extraction extracts seeds from hemp for oils.

2. Chemical Makeup

Check out the labels for the ingredients and you’ll see hemp oil has no real connection to CBD oil. Both products are derived from specific types of cannabis plants low in THC and rich in cannabidiol. Hemp comes from the seeds of the plant and is commonly used in beauty products and for cooking.

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3. Content

CBD-infused products display the milligrams per unit or serving of the solution. Hemp is rich in CBD. As the process uses the entire plant, CBD oil is flush with high levels of CBD. On the other hand, hemp seed oil has extremely low CBD levels. If the label has no CBD listing, it’s a good chance you’re not holding genuine CBD merchandise. In fact, with only trace amounts of THC, hemp oil won’t get you high.

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4. Monetary Value

CBD oil is expensive compared to hemp seed oil. If CBD oil has a serious price tag, check its legitimacy. Some products with hemp seed oil are not hemp-based. Simply putting a leaf on the packaging doesn’t mean you have a CBD product.

5. Uses

Hemp seed oil is a popular ingredient in skincare and hair products. It’s also used in the kitchen for salads and cooking. CBD oil is, for the most part, an oral tincture, taken through drops under the tongue.

6. Where You Buy

You can buy both hemp seed and CBD oil at local pharmacies, health food stores, and even the local grocer. But you’ll notice they are often in different sections. Reputable CBD oils are purchasable from manufacturer websites. Hemp seed oil is available in local stores, beauty stores, and e-commerce sites like Amazon. Many manufacturers wrongly market hemp seed oil as hemp oil.

7. Medicinal Purposes

Consumers use CBD oil to relieve a number of medicinal issues. Hemp seed oil does not provide those advantages. It does contain good amounts of protein and essential fatty acids. But that only makes hemp seed oil a good dietary supplement, not an application for medicinal purposes.

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According to HempFusion, before you buy a product on either side of the hemp oil versus CBD oil aisle, you need to decide what your plan for use is. There are options for alleviating discomfort, reducing stress, managing normal inflammation, and getting a good night’s sleep. Look out for the differences between hemp and CBD oil to avoid buying a product that doesn’t suit your purposes or budget.


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