What Are Most Eco-Friendly Sports Balls?


It is known that since its appearance sustainability has been expanding. It is not a surprise so many industries are part of it and are exploring new ways they can implement into their business activities just to make the planet a better living place.

We, people, are responsible for climate change and we have to find solutions, otherwise, this planet will be not the same, and the more polluted it is, the more our quality of life will decrease.

We all want to breathe fresh air and we all want to wear leather boots. But if we see these needs from another perspective, we will recognize and be more aware of the damage we are making to ourselves.

Have you thought of the impact sports have on our lives, and most importantly our environment?

You probably thought of only positive healthy impacts sports are providing to us, but the industry is not interfering with positive when they use animal skin as leather in some sports products. Well, years ago people used what resources they had to produce things they need. Sport is an entertainment activity but is definitely a need.

Nowadays we see big changes in the process of producing many of the sports goods. One of those is meeting sustainability while creating products to fulfill sports needs with features and benefits not so different from those sports products that were produced for many years with the same or similar design and material.

With the appearance of new technologies, companies that are involved in the sports industry are starting to use improved ways of production, along with newly invented methods and the use of natural materials, or at least similar to natural. Eco-Friendly Sporting Goods Store is what many companies have opened recently, while creating and offering more improved models of sports equipment, altogether with footwear and sports clothes made from this industry.

What is Most Used Eco-Friendly Sports Equipment?

In the last few years, the demand for eco-friendly products made by sports companies has increased. People are becoming aware that they can contribute to environmental responsibility by purchasing and using many of the sports goods. Sportswear might be the most purchased and most used, along with the sports shoes many brands have designed lately.

However, we should not neglect the fact that sports equipment might be the most important one in sports. Without sports equipment, a team can not compete in a game. And this is a good reason why sports manufacturers put focus on sports equipment, especially sports balls.

The majority of sports use sports balls. Basketball is one of the many. You probably already know that these players use sustainable sports balls. This type of sports ball is made mainly of rubber that is recyclable combined with natural leather which is created of natural fibers or synthetic materials.

The fact that basketballs are using biodegradable materials is another benefit to purchasing an eco alternative. As basketball has more sizes for various ages and levels, the eco-friendly type of this sports ball has also different sizes. Women size these sports balls is 28.5 Basketball, and male basketball players play with 29.5 Basketball.

However, the size of the eco-friendly sports ball is found in other team sports, like Soccer. Since the ages of Soccer players can range in ages with different levels. Young players can not use the same soccer ball as those purposed for professionals and adults. Female sports balls are also designed differently. As Soccer is a sport involving many members across the globe, the need for an eco-friendly type with different Soccer ball sizes is necessary.

Apart from these types of sustainable sports balls, there are more on the list, like volleyball balls, baseball, and other equipment products that are being replaced with alternatives for better environmental sustainability.


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