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6 Do’s And Don’ts For a Naturally Beautiful Skin

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Beautiful skin is a confidence booster. However, having natural, beautiful, and glowing skin is easier said than done. You need to adopt a skincare routine and practice it religiously. Also, you need to avoid some regimes to ensure your skin is always glowing. The following are some of the tips to help you level up your skin game.

The Do’s

Exfoliate Regularly

Regular exfoliation is important to your skin. It leaves your skin brighter and improves the effectiveness of your skincare products by enhancing absorption. Additionally, it helps in preventing clogged pores, thus resulting in fewer breakouts.

Exfoliate at least once a week. Don’t exfoliate more than twice, as this could cause irritation to your skin. If you have oily, or combination skin, go for a chemical exfoliator like salicylic or glycolic acid. For those with normal or sensitive skin, a microdermabrasion exfoliator is best for you.

Sometimes you can seek exfoliation services from a dermatologist or an esthetician. Estheticians are professionals who attend estheticians or cosmetology schools. They have to take a detailed cosmetology test before getting their licenses. When it comes to your skincare needs, you’re safe in their hands.


You should drink at least  8 glasses of water daily. Your skin would thank you for it. Additionally, incorporate fruits that contain water. Examples include watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, oranges, strawberry, and melon.

Hydrating helps in nourishing your skin. It flushes toxins out of your body, thus helping your organs function properly. Water helps you fight wrinkles and give your skin a healthy glow and a supple look.

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Exercise and Sweat it Out

Strive to exercise at least thrice weekly. It can be running, jogging, trekking, hiking, or yoga. It’s good to engage in an activity that would ensure you sweat. Exercise improves blood circulation, which helps in delivering nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

Healthy skin promotes the production of collagen which is a great anti-aging agent. It also gets your skin glowing.

Sweating during exercise helps to clear out your pores. It additionally accelerates the cleansing of the body. A regular fitness routine improves your overall skin appearance. You will always notice a glow after working out.

Also, engage in great skincare practices before and after exercising. Apply toner before exercising to limit the creation of oil during the activities. After an exercise, wash and moisturize your skin.

Have Enough Sleep

At least try sleeping for 6-8 hours every night. During sleep, the skin produces new collagen, thus preventing skin sagging. Otherwise, with inadequate sleep every day, your skin will look tired, and your eyes will be full of eye bags. A night of proper sleep ensures brighter and less puffy eyes.

Use Eye Cream

You don’t have to be old to use eye cream. The skin around the eyes is delicate. It can easily swell, dry out, or lose elasticity. To moisturize the area, you need a specially designed formula or product. Eye cream helps in preventing dark baggy under-eye circles and wrinkles.

Eat Healthy

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“You are what you eat”. Thus, everything you consume has a great impact on your skin appearance. Eat green vegetables and fresh fruits to give your body the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy skin.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C enrich your skin leaving you with a glow. Omega 3 rich foods are also great for your skin. They improve balanced hydration and regulate skin oil production. Examples include olive oil, salmon, and walnuts.

The Don’ts


Smoking is bad for your health, and also for your skin. Smoking is super dehydrating thus stealing the glow away. It additionally makes your skin dull and causes premature aging. It also leads to other skin conditions including skin cancer.

The following are some impacts of smoking on your skin:

  • Cause wrinkles
  • Sagging skin especially around the jawline and under the eyes
  • Skin pigmentation for example dark spots
  • Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition

Popping a Pimple

Pimples are naturally a bother. However, when you spot it on your skin, don’t be tempted to pop it. Popping can lead to scarring, inflammation, or redness. It can compromise your overall skin appearance. Thus, it’s better to let the pimple heal on its own.

Forgetting Your Sunscreen

You should always wear Sunscreen, as the benefits on your skin are adverse. Sunscreen protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Exposing your skin daily to the sun may cause sunburn, wrinkles, aging spots, and several other skin problems.

Thus, it’s important to apply sunscreen every day before going out, whether it’s cloudy or sunny.  It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the beach, gym, shopping, or brunch.

Go for a sunscreen with ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and an SPF of 30 and above. Also, check for a label that reads non-acnegenic, or noncomedogenic, to ensure the product doesn’t block your pores.

Touching Your Face Frequently

You need to keep your face clean for it to always glow. However, touching it every time does it more harm than good. We keep touching tons of things with our hands. Unfortunately, the hands gather dirt and bacteria throughout the day.

Touching your face means you are transferring these germs on your skin, which could start different skin problems.

Sleeping with Your Makeup On

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Makeup is all nice and glam until you have to remove it. No matter how tired you are, please remove your makeup. If you leave these products on your skin for long, they could clog your pores, and leave you looking tired and dull. It could also lead to redness, acne breakouts and irritation.

You can use natural make-up remover like coconut.

Over washing the Face

Don’t wash your face too many times. Twice a day is enough for it to be clean and healthy. Frequent washing of the skin strips off your skin natural oil.  Doing this leaves it dull, tired and sometimes oily.

Wrap up

Your skin needs all the care in the world. With a good skincare regime, your skin will always be glowing and naturally beautiful. Avoid anything that will compromise your skin appearance. If you don’t know how to go about it, the above tips are a great way to find your footing.


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