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Graphic Design Assets For Different Business Industries

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Using graphic design assets in any business can create a huge impact both internally and externally. Internally, the employees can take pride in the company branding, provided that it resonates with the business’ values, mission, and vision.

On the other hand, well-thought-out graphic design assets can influence market behavior. They may or may not patronize your products and services because of your graphic designs. This shows how powerful visual assets are for your company.

To maximize your brand’s full potential, you need compelling visual designs that can amplify the features and benefits of your offering. According to research, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than ordinary text. Considering how fast-paced everything is today, you need to keep up.

The question now is, what are the best graphic design assets that could work for your business industry. Let’s take a look at some of the samples below.

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While most graphic design materials are found online, we still can’t discredit the power of traditional marketing. And that is why using billboards is still important to win or retain customers.

Take a look at what Koleston did with their billboard. Nothing much, isn’t it? And in fact, at face value, you would see a lot of negative space. Yet when you pass by this road at different times of the day, you would instantly notice that they cleverly used the space and natural lighting.

This approach is best for brands that have extremely tough competition. It means even the best images and texts might do you no good, so adding a gimmick to your billboards should do the trick.


Another great example is from McDonald’s. Some of you might think that since they are already an empire, they don’t need flashy advertisements such as this. But considering that there are many fast-food restaurants around the US, an approach like this is effective for motorists. It’s a straightforward tactic to lure customers to the nearest McDonald’s.

Business Cards

Are business cards dead? Some would say yes, but we beg to differ. Business cards are still effective, and many decision-makers believe it’s a marketing tool attached to credible professionals. They see business cards as part of corporate etiquette.

While you can always exchange contact details through smartphones, handing business cards during events is still faster.

Will it get thrown?

There’s no guarantee. But if your business card is extraordinary, you will leave a lasting impression. Add something special like a glossy coating or a 3D look. Regardless of your industry, having business cards should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

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If you want people to stop and check out your product, then nice packaging is necessary. Many small business owners do not realize how many opportunities they lose because of lousy packaging.

Of course, the big players know better, which is why they keep on reinventing how they will package their products. They usually depend on the season or trends.


Take a look at what the Penji team made for Creme Caramel. Instead of going all out with colors, they used a minimal design approach. You can see the same style in several products today, whether for cosmetics, food, or even gadgets.

Social Media Banners

Let’s now talk about online graphic design assets that you could use for your business. One of these is your social media banner.

There’s a huge percentage of brand owners who would use the same social media banner for months – even years. While this may not directly impact your business growth, it could somehow affect how people perceive your brand. Changing your banner doesn’t have to be every week. But doing so every season is not too much.

When you change your social media banners, it acts like a trigger that your company has something new to offer, thereby inviting visitors to check out your website. Ideally, even if you publish a new social media banner, it should still be anchored on your central branding. This is to avoid further confusion.

One company that changes its social media banner often is Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. They even use the medium to promote their website, which is a smart tactic too.


Blog Graphics

Did you know that there are around 4.4 million blog posts published every day? That’s how many people believe that it’s a great marketing tool. But apart from its main context or text, you should give importance to the blog graphics. It can also be an avenue where you can amplify your branding.

Content Fuel

This one from Content Fuel is a good example. Instead of using stock photos, the team made an effort to create their own featured image for the blog. The advantage of doing so is that you can highlight your blog’s title, add your logo, and use the company’s branding, all at the same time.

While using stock photos on your blog is not a mortal sin, it would be harder for your content to stand out as other blogs might use the same stock images.

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Email Marketing

If you haven’t included email marketing in your strategy yet, you better rethink your plans. Email marketing is still effective when done right. By 2023, 4.3 billion active email users will be forecasted. If you can identify your market and the right email marketing strategy, leads and sales will be coming your way.


Your layout plays a crucial role. If it is too cluttered, your recipient might ignore or delete it right away. If you look at BlogLovin’s email newsletter, it has a straightforward design and is easy to understand. There’s also a good balance of images and text.


And lastly, one of the graphic design assets you should prioritize is your website. This isn’t just about adding visually attractive elements. The overall user experience is a must too.

Also, remember that what works for a company website might not apply to eCommerce websites. The layout, product images, menus, and even the UX copy should be different as you cater to audiences from different levels of your sales funnel.


A company that has a great website is BMW. If you will notice on their website, the hero image has an emotional appeal. But apart from that, all graphic design elements work well together.

The color is akin to its branding. And even the typography is sleek, smart, and classic – everything that defines a BMW. Let’s not forget about the call-to-action buttons which were strategically placed for users to see right away.


The above graphic design assets can be used in most, if not all, business industries. But what matters most is how you will come up with designs suitable not just for your brand but also for your market. This takes expertise and years of experience, which amateur designers are not yet capable of.

As graphic design for business is important, working with professionals is highly encouraged. Of course, the rates might be different, but the ROI is almost always better.


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