Is a Healthcare Career Right for You?


It’s important to find a job you love, which is why choosing the right career path can be a difficult thing to do. When you’re younger and starting your professional journey, a lack of previous experience might mean you end up choosing a role that isn’t quite what you thought it would be and doesn’t make you happy.

This is why taking some time to research roles or to try different things before you settle on a career is a good idea. If you’re currently thinking about what you want to do with your life and are interested in pursuing a job in healthcare, here are a few things you might want to know to help you decide if it’s the right sector for you.

Different Roles

The first thing you need to be aware of is how many different roles are available within the healthcare sector. A lot of people might think about becoming a doctor, a nurse, or a therapist when they consider healthcare jobs, but there is so much more to choose from. While the three roles previously mentioned are all fantastic choices, it’s important to think about what demands those specific jobs will have, and whether you’re the right person for them.

Working with patients daily can be tough, and you will need to be able to communicate clearly with them as well as maintain a compassionate bedside manner. You will also need to be able to work well under stress, as these can be very high-pressure roles. If this sounds like something you could do, nurses are in high demand currently, and there is a particular need for more male nurses, which you can read about here.

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If these roles don’t sound suited to your character but you’re still interested in a healthcare career, consider research-based roles, technicians, management, or administration. There are hundreds of opportunities that require various skills, so you should be able to find something that suits you.


Job stability is important, and when choosing a career path, you should be thinking about the longevity of your role and the company/industry you will be working for. Again, there are plenty of roles that in high demand, like teaching, engineering, etc., that society depends on.

These are all great options to explore if you’re trying to decide on a career, but if it’s stability you want looking at healthcare roles is worth your time, too. As mentioned previously, there is a high demand for nurses at the moment, and this seems to steadily increase over the years. While nursing might not be for you, the point is quality healthcare will always be a necessity to society, therefore, you can have peace of mind that a career in this sector will be stable.

Good Salaries

Of course, the particular role within healthcare you choose to follow will determine your salary, but the majority of these jobs do offer great pay, and as you move up the ranks this will only get better. The most important thing when choosing a career is to do something that you’re passionate about and love, but no one wants to worry about their financial position if they can avoid it. You might not need to earn millions, but having a comfortable salary to live off is important, and this is another benefit of pursuing a healthcare career.

Career Progression

Along with various roles to choose from, stability, and the opportunity for a great salary, healthcare careers also have plenty of progression opportunities. If you’re someone with ambition and wants the chance to prove yourself and get promotions, these roles within healthcare can offer you this. You might also be able to move to a different area of expertise, as there will be a lot of transferable skills you will pick up during your career.


For a lot of roles, you will need to have a college degree or be prepared to enroll in a relevant training course to get the right qualifications. This might require you to return to your studies, but if you’re someone who loves to learn and can motivate themselves, this could be a good thing for you. One of the great things about working within healthcare is the opportunity to keep learning, as new science and developments continue to change the face of medicine year in and year out. If you’re an individual who isn’t willing to keep learning for the sake of their career, perhaps healthcare isn’t the right path for you.

Specialist Skills

While there will be many transferable skills you will pick up in any career, working in healthcare can provide the opportunity to learn more specialist skills. For example, if you wanted to become a phlebotomist, learning how to relax your patients and take their blood safely isn’t something just anyone can do. The same is true for a radiotherapy technician, or a virologist, or a surgeon. Having these specialist skills is great for your self-esteem as well as your career opportunities, and one day you might even find yourself being a leader in your field.

You’re Helping People

A lot of the points above can be attributed to many industry sectors, but one of the best things about working in healthcare is that you’re giving back to your local community and beyond. No matter what role you do in healthcare, you will be helping people to recover from surgeries and illness, helping them to overcome traumatic experiences, and to learn how to look after themselves properly. The work of the healthcare sector benefits everybody, and each specialist area within it is just as important as the last. It’s a career path you can be proud of, knowing that you’re contributing to making the world a better place and saving lives.

Before choosing a career path to pursue you must take the time to do some research and consider your character traits. While there are many, many careers to choose from in the world, if you think the points above sound appealing, perhaps looking into a healthcare career could be worth your time.


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