How to Win Contests Using BOCV


There is no shame in trying to get free stuff. Most people seem to pass on the opportunity to get free things because they are too cool to participate in a giveaway or an online contest. If you are reading this, then there is a good chance that you do not think that it is cool to pass on free things.

We agree, there is nothing cool about paying to get something when you can get it for free. Especially, when you could get a bargain, and you know that your friend who judges you the most, will be after you for that free item you have just won.

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Some websites help you participate in such contests and giveaways and give you the best chance of winning these online sweepstakes, giveaways, etc. Buy Online Contest Votes is one of these websites, and you can participate and win in any online contest using their services by buying bulk votes for online contests, for any social media website. The procedure of using the services of BOCV is very easy, and it is explained for your convenience, here.

1) Enter A Contest:

You may enter an online contest on any social media website, from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to contests on Woobox, Wavo, etc. BOCV team has experience in winning contests on every platform.

2) Estimate the Number of Votes:

This is the most important task. You have to estimate the number of votes you may require to win a contest, this cannot be done by using the services of the website, so your estimation skills have to be very good.

3) Open BOCV:

Once you open the Buy Online Contest Votes website, you can look for the various voting packages that they have to offer. These are competitively priced and you can get a bargain, considering the quality of the votes. Choose the package and buy IP votes that suit you best.

4) Payment:

You have to make the payment, which is done via PayPal, a safe and secure place for your transactions. This gives peace of mind to the customer, as well as, the BOCV team.

5) Enlist the Details:

You enlist the details of your contest and the time within which you want them to cast. The BOCV team processes the order and confirms it once you have emailed the details of the contest you want to win.

6) Vote Casting:

Your work is done. The next step is that the team at BOCV begins their work of casting the votes. This takes time as they have to use genuine IPs to cast the votes. They are cast by experts that ensure that there is no suspicion, whatsoever, on the casting of the votes.

7) Customer Support:

If you want to stay up to date with the casting of the votes, then you can rely on BOCV’s customer support, that replies quickly and help you with your queries.

BOCV have been around and helping people win contests for a long time, if you are serious about winning any online contest, then you should go for BOCV!


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