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10 Tips to Surprise Your Global Customers

10 Tips to Surprise Your Global Customers

Entering the international market has become relatively easy and so common for smaller businesses today that global expansion is steadily becoming a trend for young entrepreneurs.

Yet, the challenges of collecting the customer base have remained and even become somewhat tougher. As customers become more and more connected with this world via the internet, they become more demanding and harder to surprise.

This in turn means that offering something rather unexpected to your customers might largely delight them and, as a result, attract them to you. Yet, how is it possible to do that? It seems like everything has already been invented, said, and done. There are still some small things, however, that are more surprising than they seem.

Taking Customers by Surprise: The Tiny Essentials

The world can be full of surprises. And some of them might be just some tiny good acts of kindness you do for the people that matter. A small gift, a beautiful accompanying postcard, or even a simple thank you letter can hit your customers right in their emotions.

Kindness is a very powerful thing and it does not cost much if anything at all. Based on various customer experiences, these are just a few of such things that can truly surprise your customers and make them see you as someone who cares.

  1. Thank your customers. Even training your customer service to simply say thanks to your customers can warm your audience’s hearts and admire you more. Written or even physical gratitude, such as a postcard saying thanks, would work even better. It is important to make your customers understand that they are the ones you owe all your success to. This will make them feel important and want to come back.
  2. Handwritten notes. To make your customers feel even more special and important, you can and should give them something good and unique. You can write a small thank you letter by hand or tell your customers an interesting or funny story and give it out along with your customers’ purchases. This will likely take them by surprise not only by the kindness of such an act but also by the format as handwriting is not that common in the digital age. What’s even better, such notes are almost free for you but can mean a lot for your customers.
  3. Provide some relatable gifts. Whenever your customer buys something from you, you can certainly sweeten their purchase with something relevant. For instance, if someone buys a jazz album, they will be more than happy to get a single along with it for free. You can make such similar smaller, yet, relevant gifts to make your customers happier a little bit at a time.
  4. Offer free shipping. You can select a couple of dozens or even hundreds of lucky customers to randomly send them their purchases for free. This will likely earn the trust not only of those who were lucky but also of other customers because they will be eager not to miss their chance too.
  5. Offer free accompanying services. Whatever you sell, offer a related service for free. Again, it’s best to do that not only on holidays but just seemingly randomly. You have to plan it, of course, but you don’t need to give your customers a heads-up about that.
  6. Translate and localize your website. Even if your customers already admire you as a trustworthy international brand, they will like you even better if they understand you better. By translating your website or a social media page, you make sure that your audience understands, but by localizing your website, which is adapting it to the local cultural norms, you make it familiar and relatable. What’s more, website translation and localization are not uncommon today, and finding a website translation company is not that much of a challenge. The most important thing to consider here is to address professional help.
  7. Post regularly. If you have a page for your business on social media, do post there regularly. Make your customers feel like they are constantly in touch with you. While this doesn’t seem like very much surprise if approached right, you’ll be surprised yourself by the effective reach of your page.
  8. Interact with the customers. Don’t just make them comment on your posts or send them your feedback. Design personalized responses to either social media comments or feedback forms. Don’t forget to always say thanks for their feedback. You can even provide gifts in exchange for such feedback.
  9. Support the good cause. Being kind not only to your customers is quite a usual thing today but it still works well if you don’t make it too public. You can inform your customers that you donated to charity, for instance, post-factum. The customers will not only see that you try to look kind, but they will see you as the kindness itself.
  10. Design birthday newsletters. If you can collect your customers’ birthday dates, use this information well. You can send them out the newsletter wishing them not only Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year but also Happy Birthday. This will make your customers feel not only festive but also special.

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Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back

Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back

There are a huge number of ways to show your customers that you love them and that you care. The ones above are just a small portion of such possible acts of kindness. The most important thing is that you must do it with love as you and your business do owe your success to your customers.

Expressing your love to your customers is free or not expensive on your side, however, it means a lot to the people who address you whenever they need something. So, use this knowledge wisely and it will never fail you.

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