1000+ Short Inspirational Quotes -Happy New Year 2023

40+ Funny New Year Quotes In English With Images for 2022

Millions of people make the new resolution for upcoming year. But people like me are always the same as they were last year. January is the light of hope and December really disappoints those who are filled with the overdose of resolutions.

Here I’m sharing 30+ Funny new year quotes & sarcastic images just to make you laugh. Don’t forget each and every second is beautiful do enjoy it yourself.  If you find this post interesting and willing to make your own New Year Greeting cards then template.net is the best place to download editable Templates.

Do not get disappointed because you could not achieve something. You might have some that people are wishing for many years. Do check this article and share your favorite funny happy new year image with us.

Funny Happy New Year Images

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funny 2022 quotes

Before I agree to 2022, I need to see some terms & conditions.


Positive (adj.) the most negative word of 2020


If’ you’re born in September, it’s pretty safe to assume that your parents started their new year with a bang.

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Shapes of heart from organ to stone. 20018 to 2022.

What’s your plan for 31st Night? mine is to check all bookmarks I added to my browser in the year 2018.

funny 2019 new year night plan


Me having a look at my achievements in 2018.

My new year’s resolution is to stop lying to myself about making lifestyle changes.

Dear 2022, make sure you don’t come up with temporary people.

New Year’s Resolution:
Option A: lose weight
Option B: Buy a Bigger Basket

New Year’s Resolution… More time on the treadmill.

Dear Luck… Can we be friends in 2022? :P

The only thing I have gained in 2020 is weight :P

Funny Movie 2012 Fact… Today is the ninth death anniversary of our planet. rest in peace.

I can’t believe its been a year since I didn’t become a better person.

New years party Expectation vs reality.

Get ready to make this mistake soon in 2022…

I don’t have a new year’s resolution you don’t need that crap when you’re perfect.

The first rule of 2022. never talk about 2021


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My new year’s resolution? I’ll probably keep it at 1280 x 1024 like always. thanks for asking.

This year I’m going to tell more people to fcuk off.

Today at the gym I asked a girl what her new year’s resolution is, She said “F*** you” so I’m pretty excited for 2022.

My new year :D :P

I’m so excited for 2022! can wait to waste another year.

Funny jokes for new year’s eve.

Every new year I resolve to lose 20 pounds and I do the problems is that I gain 20.

Successfully wasted 358 days of 2021 8 more to go.

May all your troubles last as long as your new years resolutions.

New Year’s resolution
last year need to get in shape for spring.
This year need to get in shape for airport screening.

Don’t expect any new year’s Resolutions from me. I plan on staying the same awkward, sarcastic, Foul-mouthed delight, That you’ve all come to know and love!

Me on new year’s eve.

Resolution for 2022. No Exception No Disappointment.

No New Year / New me here
I’ll be the same honest as***** at 12:01 that i was at 11:59

The library before finals looks like the gym after new years.

Dear 2021

I’m glad you’re Over.


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