Lambo Logic – Lamborghini Concept Car Design


lamborghini concept

The Lambo Logic ultra Lamborghini Concept design is an evolution of the classic brand language that also integrates new visual elements.

The structural core of the Lamborghini Concept is a lightweight and extremely rigid carbon fiber monocoque shell. Surfaces have precisely defined, sharp edges and crystalline volume.

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The side profile is characterized as a sharp wedge and defined by a deep air intake. Butterfly doors swing upwards and inwards. [Source]

Lamborghini Concept

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  1. Mazyar says

    I have some car designes but I don’t know how to show it to website car body design please help me and tell me how to show them to the company that my designes is related to them
    Thanks for your help

    1. Admin says

      dear bro.. thank you for commenting..
      i will suggest you to contact any professional person..regarding sharing your design with any company.. there are so many frauds even in multi national companies. they will copy it and reject your design

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