Is Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata Useful in Electrical Stimulation of the Heart?

Is Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata Useful in Electrical Stimulation of the Heart?

Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata is the procedure of implanting a tiny electronic device in the chest and below the collarbone. This device regulates the slow heart’s electrical difficulties. Doctors recommend a pacemaker to make sure that the heartbeat does not dangerously slow down to a lower rate.

Overview of a Pacemaker

A pacemaker usually consists of three components: leads, a pulse generator, and an electrode on the leads. Pacemaker signal the heart to beat regularly whenever it becomes irregular or slow. The pulse generator consists of electronic circuitry with a battery and a small computer to regulate the impulses sent to the heart.

Lead is an insulated wire connecting the pulse generator and heart chambers. The lead electrode touches the wall of the heart and delivers the electrical impulses to it. It also senses the electrical activity of the heart and relays the information to the pulse generator. The leads might be present in the upper chamber (atrium), ventricle, lower chamber, or both, based on the medical condition of the patient.

How does a Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata work?

In a pacemaker, a doctor will set a limit. If your heart rate is slower compared to the programmed limit, it will send an electrical impulse to the electrode via lead. It will cause the heart to beat rapidly. When the heart starts beating more rapidly than the programmed limit, pacemakers will monitor the rhythm and will never pace.

Nowadays, pacemakers operate based on demand only and do not compete with natural human heartbeats. The modern pacemakers will only send an electrical impulse once the natural heartbeat falls below the programmed lower limit of the device.

There is another new type of pacemaker called biventricular pacemaker, which can treat some particular heart failure. Sometimes, during heart failure, the ventricles do not pump blood normally. This pacemaker helps to pace both ventricles simultaneously, thus improving the amount of blood pumped. After a successful Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata, you have to regularly visit the doctor to make sure the device is operating as it should be. Doctors implement a particular programmer computer for reviewing the activity of the device and managing the settings accordingly.

Reasons to use pacemaker

If your heart is beating slowly, you might opt for a Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata for faster heartbeat stimulation. When the heartbeat is too slow, it pumps less blood. If the body does not receive adequate blood, it might suffer from fatigue, fainting, chest pain, dizziness, and other symptoms. Below are some of the rhythm and heart rate problems due to which you might have to use a Pacemaker.

  • Bradycardia

It occurs when the sinus node compels the heart to beat slowly.

  • Heart Blockage

Heart blockage primarily occurs when the electrical signal leaving the SA node is blocked or delayed. There can be different types of heart blockages.

  • Tachy-Brady Syndrome

In this syndrome, the heart beats in a slow and faster rhythm alternatively.

Besides these, there can also be other symptoms or problems due to which you might have to go for a Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata


What are the pros of Pacemaker Implant in Kolkata?

The electrical impulses the pacemaker sends to the heart keep it beating regularly and smoothly. With pacemakers, you can improve your quality of life with no further problems of slow heartbeat. In a nutshell, it is a lifesaving device for people with heart problems.

Bottom Line

Slow or irregular heartbeats can even lead to cardiac arrest. Thus, pacemaker implantation is the only way to stop it. You should consult your cardiologists before the implantation. They will guide you through the process and tell you what equipment you should not use near the pacemakers.

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