How To Find An Unconventional Essay Topic To Stand Out

How To Find An Unconventional Essay Topic To Stand Out


Your primary step in creating a standout essay is to choose unconventional topics and alternative perspectives. Essays are among the most important deciding factors when applying to a good college or taking certain competitive exams.

Consequently, admissions officers are interested in how you tell your story. Thus, an innovatively composed essay will set you apart from other candidates.

A distinctive, personally meaningful topic is essential to a great essay. With this in hand, you can craft an engaging hook or vivid imagery to make your introduction stand out.

However, the first step is deciding the topic.

In this post, we will help you ways to decide on a unique essay topic.

How To Brainstorm Essay Topics?

Brainstorming sessions are crucial for selecting a topic, developing a comprehensive plan, and understanding its possibilities. It helps writers generate ideas before writing, reduces anxiety, and focuses on relevant content.

Moreover, this is an essential process that helps you outline major points in essays. It divides the piece into different stages of the process like the following:

  • Identifying a general topic.
  • Narrowing focus.
  • Deciding on support for a paragraph.

Here are some effective methods you can practice to brainstorm ideas for your essay topic—

Mind Mapping

One effective method for organizing and capturing ideas and information is by using mind maps.

This technique involves breaking down ideas into components, developing new concepts, or understanding existing information. Mind mapping is particularly useful when brainstorming essay topics or taking notes.

To create a mind map, start by writing down a central theme and then brainstorming related ideas that radiate from it.

Therefore, the goal is to create a hierarchy of ideas. This is especially helpful for visual learners who find seeing concepts written on paper easier.


Freewriting is a prewriting exercise that allows authors to write without grammar, spelling, or transition constraints.

The goal is to generate information by writing non-stop in full sentences for a predetermined time, allowing focus on a specific topic but forcing rapid writing without editing ideas.

Therefore, you can write without a pen, type in white font, and change the font to a readable color.

However, the key is to keep your hand moving, not pause to reread, and not cross out or erase.

Moreover, avoid stalling and trying to control what you’re saying and not crossing out or erasing.

So, give it a try and see where your writing takes you!

Word Association

Word association games are a creative method for writers to generate ideas and overcome writer’s block.

One strategy for generating ideas involves initiating with a single word and brainstorming related words or ideas.

“Word chain” is a popular game that involves word association, which can vary depending on personal experiences, emotions, and cultural factors.

Word associations can help generate ideas in essay writing. Furthermore, they help develop thesis statements, support arguments with evidence, find synonyms and antonyms, create vivid descriptions, and develop strong conclusions.

The purpose is to link one word to another to illustrate the connections and associations the mind makes.

Where To Look For Inspiration?

When you allow your mind to wander, ideas and possibilities can flow effortlessly, leading to a state of inspiration.

This is particularly useful for writers who can tap into their creativity and let their subconscious take over.

Inspiration writing is a technique that involves setting aside time for free writing without specific goals or agendas.

This process can lead to new and unique ideas. Moreover, it can help you reach your goals, create art, and solve problems using innovative concepts.

Therefore, inspiration is a positive emotion of excitement, motivation, and awe.

Here, we have several techniques that can help you create and use inspiration when looking for an essay topic—

Read Literature

Reading literature is an enriching experience that can help us better understand ourselves and others. It allows us to empathize with others and explore different perspectives without having to experience them firsthand.

Additionally, literature exercises our imagination, enabling us to immerse ourselves in different worlds and meet new characters.

This imaginative process helps us develop critical thinking skills and make informed judgments about complex issues.

Analyzing literary devices, characters, and themes can prepare students to write nuanced essays and express their ideas more eloquently. Furthermore, reading literature can expand our vocabulary and improve our language proficiency.

Explore Current Events

Students can better understand their global community and diverse cultures by studying current events. This enables them to distinguish fact from fiction and engage in informed conversations.

Staying up to date equips students to discern the broader implications of news stories. Writing a current event essay can describe an actual and significant situation for the audience.

With easy access to information in our era of globalization, students can become familiar with numerous articles or analyses. Studying current events helps students better understand how society shapes events.

Engage In Conversations

Utilizing conversation to write offers the opportunity to benefit from diverse perspectives, generate new angles or arguments, and identify areas for further research.

It can also enhance your understanding of the topic and motivate you to write. Moreover, conversations provide accountability. This helps you stay on track, relax, and de-stress when your essay overwhelms you.

Taking a break from the task can clear your head and return to your work refreshed.

Incorporate Personal Experiences

When writing a college admission essay, showcasing your personality and strengths is important. To make your essay unique, you can create a narrative by turning yourself into a character from a book or video game and focusing on your interests and traits.

Moreover, present your experiences using clear and concise sentences, transitions, connectors, evidence, analysis, or reflection.

You can also incorporate your humor to make your essay more engaging.

Therefore, combining your interests and character traits allows you to stand out in the application process and help colleges understand who you are.

Think Outside The Box

To write a successful college essay, choose a topic that resonates with you and showcases your unique experiences. Be open to unconventional thinking, as it fosters creativity and innovation, leading to improved ideas, products, and services.

This approach also enhances problem-solving, productivity, and communication. Creative thinking, which involves stepping outside one’s knowledge and using extraordinary thought processes, is often associated with innovative thinking.

Therefore, choosing a topic that reflects your unique perspective and experiences is crucial.

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