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Samsung teases the release of its new Galaxy smartphones ‘powered by AI’

Samsung teases the release of its new Galaxy smartphones 'powered by AI'Samsung announced on Wednesday that its new Galaxy Series will be unveiled later this month. The company is focusing heavily AI.

A short video announcement from the company states: “Galaxy AI will be here soon.”

Samsung teases that its new line of smartphones will provide “a completely new mobile experience powered by AI.”

“Even though AI is a hot topic, its benefits aren’t yet available on mobile devices. The Galaxy is about change that,” Samsung stated in a blog post published on its website in November.

It added that “Galaxy AI” is a mobile AI experience powered by on-device AI, developed by Samsung, and cloud-based AI, enabled by open collaborations between like-minded leaders in the industry.

Samsung’s November post teased a new AI-powered feature: a AI Live Translator integrated in calls.

Samsung stated that “Audio, text and subtitle translations will be displayed in real time as you speak”, making calling someone who speaks a different language as easy as turning on closed caps when streaming a show.

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It’s unclear what else is “powered by AI”, but there’s no denying that the consumer tech industry has been heavily influenced over the past year by the generative AI boom since the release OpenAI ChatGPT.

In the past, mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple focused on cameras and displays upgrades to new phones in order to stand out from their competitors, but this focus is shifting towards AI.

Research firm Counterpoint Research predicted that Generative AI Smartphones will reach 40% market share of global smartphones by 2027. Samsung and Qualcomm are leading this trend.

There are also other consumer AI products that may not be as conventional. Humane launched its much-hyped Ai Pin recently, to mixed reviews. Sam Altman, iPhone designer Jony ive are working on what is OpenAIs first device.

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