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Microsoft Copilot keyboards will be available for Windows 11 PCs in 2024 at CES

Microsoft Copilot keyboards will be available for Windows 11 PCs in 2024 at CES

The company calls this “the first significant change to the Windows PC keyboard in nearly three decades” in a blog post ahead of CES 2024. In a blog , Microsoft calls this “the most significant change in the Windows PC keyboard for nearly 30 years” ahead of CES 2020. The Copilot key works in the same way as the Windows key, which opens the Windows Start Menu.

It’s not surprising to see Copilot in action, given how Microsoft has been pushing AI for the past year. However, seeing it so quickly is a little shocking. Copilot is described as “another transformative event in our journey to Windows, where Copilot will serve as the entry point for AI on PC.” Let’s just go with it.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Copilot Key will be included in all new Surface devices and PCs due to launch this Spring. (Expect more information about these products at CES 2024). The key, symbolically, is another sign that Microsoft considers Copilot an important element of Windows’s future. It’s important to Microsoft at this point. In the future, the Start Menu could merge with Copilot. For now, it’s all about baby steps.

From January 6-12, we’ll be reporting live from CES in Las Vegas. Follow all the latest updates on the show.

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