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Eassiy Android Data Recovery Review: Highest Recovery Rate!

Many individuals have encountered difficulties due to Android data loss, therefore they wish to have a dependable Android data recovery program in order to recover their crucial. Do not worry! We are going to introduce you to a dependable, user-friendly software which can help you to death.

Eassiy Android Data recovery is the most reliable software in the market of Data recovery software. It is quite simple and easy to use with little bit of technical knowledge. For many years, Eassiy has helped a lot of Android users retrieve data from their devices without any problems due to its strong capabilities.

We will be addressing typical user scenarios of Eassiy Android Data Recovery:

  • Random Removal: Eassiy Android Data Recovery is skilled at retrieving files that users have inadvertently erased.
  • System Crashes: Eassiy demonstrates dedication by retrieving important data that would have been lost in the event of a system crash or malfunction.
  • Formatting Errors: Users can rely on Eassiy Android Data Recovery to recover lost files if they have unknowingly formatted their Android smartphone.
  • Attacks by viruses: If malware or virus strikes and corrupts or destroys data, Eassiy is a reliable way to recover the damaged files.
  • Rooting Done Wrong: Eassiy Android Data Recovery is intended to handle situations where users have tried to root their Android smartphones but have run into problems that resulted in data loss.

Part 1: Can Android Data Be Recovered?

Of course! The good news is that data on Android devices may often be restored, even though losing it can be quite tragic. It can be recovered with the use of specific tools and methods.

Many times, Android data recovery tools can access the device’s memory and retrieve deleted files. It’s essential that you act fast now. You run the greater risk of overwriting deleted files the more you use your device after losing data.

You can find uncountable Android data recovery software in the market. Each comes with unique features and levels of efficacy. A lot of the time, they can get contacts, messages, videos, images, and more.

Part 2: What is the Best Deleted File Recovery Software for Android?

Panic creeps in when you realize that important file on your Android phone was unintentionally erased. Eassiy Android Data Recovery is a useful tool that could actually be your savior.

With its unmatched success record in photo and video recovery, Eassiy Android Data Recovery identifies as a reputable lifesaver for Android devices.  Interestingly, users can get back images without having to root their device. It can easily recover erased WhatsApp data without needing any backup. This makes it unique in a way.  It is efficient with over 6000 smartphones, including top brands like Samsung, Oppo LG, Sony, Google Nexus, and more.  It also allows for a simple one-click restoration.

Eassiy Android Data Recovery Review

Key functions of Eassiy Android Data Recovery

  • Support more than 16 file types—the most of any business.
  • In just a few seconds, scan more than 1,000 deleted files
  • Industry-leading photo and video data recovery rate for Android devices.
  • Bring back erased WhatsApp attachments and messages.
  • Offers three methods of recovery: Instantly recover from Android SIM and SD cards, as well as Android smartphones.


  • Is able to get back data from various circumstances like malware attack, system crash, backup failure, unintentional removal, etc.
  • Can selectively preview and restore your photos and videos.
  • Has the quick and deep scan option to make your experience much better
  • You are able to get back data from both root and unrooted devices.


  • You need to buy the upgraded version to access some specific options.

User reviews of Eassiy Android Data Recovery:

  • Elissa matya – 5 Stars


I lost my years of data in a system crash. I was so devastated. I was on the verge of panicking. Then I found Eassiy Android Data Recovery. What a blessing! Eassiy could help me recover everything. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t found Easily. Thank you to the developers of Eassiy. I am so grateful to you guys. You saved me from a disaster.

  • Rodrigo Alexander – 5 Stars

“This software is so excellent”

This software is so good at recovering every kind of data. I am so ecstatic to find such nice software. It is a great option for anyone who wants to avoid data loss. I highly recommend Eassiy Android Data Recovery software.

How to recover Android data without backup

Yes, you might forget to back up your pictures and videos. To retrieve images and videos, Eassiy has you covered with these easy methods:

Step 1: Install and download

Install Eassiy Android Data Recovery on your PC after downloading it.

Install and download

Step 2: Connect Your Phone

To link your Android device to the computer, use a USB cord.

Step 3: Choose File Types

Choose the data types you want to recover as you wish. Click then the button “Next”

Choose File Types

Step 4: Start the Scan

Press ‘Start’ on Eassiy to allow it to begin searching your device for deleted files.

Start the Scan

Step 5: Recover Files

After the scan is finished, examine the files, pick the ones you want to have restored, and click “Recover.”

Recover Files


Data loss is becoming more common in the ever changing online environment. It is a frustrating issue for the consumers. It might be caused by accident or because of unanticipated events. There are many different data recovery tools available on the market for Android users. Each software has advantages over the others. But It is suggested that you choose Eassiy Android Data Recovery as your go-to tool for Android data recovery. Because of its reliability and high success rate in processing data retrieval makes it an excellent choice.  The program is simple to use and efficiently retrieves lost documents, call logs, images, audio, and video.

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