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Bitcoin Targets $45K, and BlockDAG Coin Joins the Bull Market with Crypto Miners with Passive Income Potential

Mining pools are a common go-to option for crypto miners. The process includes working towards the same goal of gaining block rewards by combining computational power over the same network. DEMAND has recently launched its open-source SRI to decentralise Bitcoin (BTC) mining, which has long been ruled by a few mining pool operators controlling the acceptance or decline of certain transactions.

BlockDAG Coin

Amid this, BlockDAG (BDAG) aims to revolutionise the crypto mining industry with its latest miners aimed to enhance the mining experience with additional benefits. BDAG further wins the trust of its community with its presale raising $1 million in 24 hours and the creator’s promise to launch its mainnet in six months.

What Is a Mining Pool?

A mining pool is a collection of crypto miners who combine their computational power over a single crypto network. The concept is to help individual miners gain from the rewards of crypto mining, which will otherwise be left behind by the leading companies’ ASIC mining farms, which control the mining sector.

Working individually, it becomes impossible for a single user to get megawatts of electricity and huge amounts of processing power needed for cryptos like Bitcoin mining. Hence, joining computing power adds to the overall mining capability, increasing the chance of getting block rewards.

DEMAND on the Mission to Decentralise Bitcoin Mining

2023 has ended, and DEMAND has introduced its launch as the latest mining pool developed on an open-source Stratum Reference Implementation (SRI). The reason behind its launch is to decentralise BTC mining by adding benefits for crypto miners in the shape of flexibility, better performance and greater security. Such a step is to be acknowledged as it will bring more chances for getting Bitcoin mining decentralisation and censorship resistance.

Crypto Miners

Recently, attempts to decentralise the mining landscape have become popular by installing mining rigs in quite rare regions, with plenty of energy to improve the Stratum V1 mining protocol, which is responsible for today’s mining pool for Bitcoin. The SRI lead developer, Filippo Merli, states that BTC mining is largely done through mining pools, which has given rise to selected centralized mining pool operators. This allows them to decide to collude and prevent certain transactions from ever being confirmed.

BlockDAG Coin Launches Mining Beast X100

Following a vision to reach $600 million by the end of 2024 and taking inspiration from Bitcoin mining, BlockDAG provides its users with transparent mining options. The launch of the X-Series allows crypto miners to earn between 125 to 25,000 BDAG coins daily. X100, the biggest miner offered by BlockDAG, has a capacity of 2 TH/s, allowing users to gain up to 25,000 BDAG daily. The availability to BlockDAG mining hardware on the company’s website adds to the security and legitimates the safe shipping process.

Furthermore, the dedicated support team for each mining product further enhances the user experience stepping inside the crypto investment. BDAG, already surpassing $1 million in presale, showcases the belief of its community in its success and the developer’s promise to launch its mainnet in six months.

BlockDAG Coin

The Final Take

A mining pool is a common go-to concept for individual crypto miners to join computation power. Crypto mining for top cryptos is usually done with mining pools to earn block rewards. DEMAND has initiated decentralising Bitcoin mining by launching an open-source Stratum Reference Implementation (SRI) and making the mining process better and more flexible.

However, BlockDAG has recently released its miners for earning 125 to 25,000 BDAG daily based on the miner’s preference. The BDAG miners are available on the company’s website with unique capabilities.

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