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10 Best Customer Experience Management Software for Small Businesses

10 Best Customer Experience Management Software for Small Businesses

Are you losing your customers after the first sale?

That could be because your customers are not getting the experience they expected from your business.

Zendesk reports that 60 percent of consumers have purchased something from one brand over another based on the service they expect to receive.

That’s why many companies are now shifting their focus toward customer experience.

From mapping your customers’ journey, listening to their feedback, and understanding their needs, to incorporating the user data to improve your products or services, providing a smooth customer experience can be difficult.

Imagine how much profit you could make if you decided to offer a more personalized and digital experience for your buyers. It would give you a competitive advantage over other businesses and brands.

In this article, we’ll review the 10 best customer experience management software for small businesses that will help you retain your customers and turn them into lifetime buyers.

1. Real-Time Feedback


Real Time Feedback

There is nothing more important than happy customers and your business’s reputation.

Real-Time Feedback helps skyrocket positive online reviews of your business by amplifying the voices of your happy customers.

Real-time customer feedback allows management to uncover failed experiences and allows your business to recover that customer, securing their loyalty.

RTF has taken thousands of businesses from sub-4-star ratings to a nearly 5-star rating on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others in a matter of months all while identifying and saving lost customers.

Real-Time Feedback provides businesses with a 360° view of their customer experience: On-site, at checkout, and online.

Did we mention AI? RTF now has Artificial Intelligence to help staff respond quickly by suggesting a well-written, apologetic, and empathetic response that addresses the customer’s concern and can be edited by the person responding before sending.

This drastically cuts down on the “brain drain” that staff experiences when having to respond to negative comments from customers, which makes it a top contender in this list.

Schedule a demo of Real-Time Feedback and learn how you can “Give them HELP before they YELP!”

2. revive


revive is a digital receipt and other smart touchpoints tool.

It ensures a personalized and digitally engaging experience for your customers through real-time in-store customer data collection.

For example, your customers can scan a QR code to access their digital receipt and from it enroll in loyalty, submit feedback, or learn about store promotions.

What makes Refive even more interesting is its store and product assistant tools.

The store assistant introduces visitors to your digital offerings and delivers personalized services. The product assistant on the other hand provides in-depth product information, reviews, stock availability, and more to assist customers in making easier shopping decisions.

Ready to take five for a spin? Schedule a free demo and discover how you can engage your customers both online and in-store.

The AI-powered actionable insights you receive from Refive’s Customer Insights dashboard make it one of the best customer experience software in the market.

3. Vitally


Vitally deals with customer experience and customer success productivity.

This customer success platform enables your team to collect customer data and incorporate it into the customer experience workflows with the help of an all-in-one collaborative workspace.

With centralized hubs, everyone can access important tasks to organize customer data, Docs, Projects, Dashboards, and more.

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Its Visual Workflow Builder enables you to automate many customer experience work and reduce human errors, boosting productivity in turn.

But here’s what’s more interesting.

You can integrate your customer data into a single platform. This allows you to measure the KPIs of the customer journey by analyzing health scores and monitoring team performance. And that’s what makes Vitally one of the best customer experience software.

Ready to connect your customer data to your business? Schedule a free demo of Vitally and take control of your customer’s journey.

Vitally ensures more efficient customer success organization for a better NRR by delivering best-in-class customer experience tools, which made us include it in this list.

4. Proto AICX

Proto AICX

Proto AICX is an Artificial Intelligence assisted customer support tool.

It offers a suite of tools for different purposes. For example, with GPT integration, you can create advanced chatbots and deliver personalized engagement for your customers.

But that’s not all.

You can also track the chatbot’s performance by measuring their response accuracy and getting insights from real-time reporting.

But what makes it one of the best customer experience software is the fact that it supports 100+ local languages. That means you can easily serve both your local and global customers alike without a language barrier.

But don’t think it’s only bots answering the questions. You can route the chats to your human agents after the bot has answered the frequently asked questions.

Try Proto for free for up to 250 customers and see how it automates your customer support and boosts their experience.

With an AI-driven automation system and multilingual customer support, Proto AICX is worth mentioning in this list.

5. Q°emotion


Q°emotion is an AI-supported customer emotion analysis platform.

It allows automatic classification of your customer reviews and opinions with its semantic analysis tool. By learning how your customers are reacting to the digital experience of your store, you can identify their pain points.

For example, your customers may like your products in general but there could be other aspects repelling them from buying them again.

With Q°emotion, you can discover the problems that are causing your customers to not return and reduce their irritants. By turning their negative experiences into positive ones, you ensure that your customers don’t leave for another brand.

If you’re interested in Q°emotion, schedule a free demo to get firsthand experience of the platform.

Q°emotion takes a unique approach to dealing with buyer emotions using machine learning, which makes it one of the best customer experience software out there.

6. Emplifi


Emplifi is a complete AI-powered customer experience cloud solution.

It’s a combination of social marketing cloud, social commerce cloud, and service cloud tools, inevitably replacing other scattered software solutions you probably used for your business.

Emplifi’s social media marketing tools help you boost your content generation, approval, and publishing process. You can then use AI and automation tools to understand the analytics so you can deliver better customer experiences.

On the other hand, the commerce cloud tools help you provide a personalized shopping experience to improve customer satisfaction.

Lastly, the service cloud tools enable you to manage repetitive tasks and build efficient customer service workflows with the help of automation.

This all-in-one solution makes Emplifi one of the best customer experience software for small businesses.

Want to see how Emplifi can help you connect with your customers? Schedule a free personalized demo and try the platform for yourself.

Emplifi offers all the modern tools you require to serve your customers better and so made our list of the top software in the field.

7. SurveyStance


SurveyStance is a customer feedback survey software.

It helps you collect feedback from customers easily and instantly with 3 different systems. No more annoying, long, and boring surveys.

The Feedback Kiosk Survey allows you to take quick experience ratings from buyers. They can select from a list of emojis to answer questions and share feedback with you. You can also embed OneClick Feedback on QR codes. Customers can scan the codes and provide feedback to you.

But you also have Email Signature Surveys that allow you to embed surveys within an email signature.

Even for new and small businesses, it’s super easy to set up and collect customer feedback, making it one of the best customer experience software.

If you’d like to try the product and see how it helps you better manage your customer reviews, try SurveyStance for free by taking the 7-day free trial.

SurveyStance’s simplicity and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for collecting customer feedback and capitalizing on it.

8. Boei


Boei is a lead generation widget you can connect with your existing marketing channels.

If you’ve seen chat windows pop up when you visit a website, Boei does that but even better.

Instead of just having a chat option, Boei allows multiple options your visitors can choose from depending on what they’re looking for on your site, making it one of the best customer experience software.

Creating a Boei widget is simple and fast.

Create an account, customize what channels you want to include in the widget, and start using it on your website.

Boei integrates with 50+ tools including messaging apps, form builders, social profiles, chatbots, and more. This allows your visitors to use the medium they’re most familiar with.

Interested in turning your visitors into potential customers? Try Boei for free and see how it helps you generate qualified leads.

Boei makes lead management extremely easy and so gets our top recommendations in this category.

9. Olvy


Olvy is a feedback management system powered by OpenAI and GPT-4.

It equips your product team with AI tools so they can collect user insights quickly and make smart decisions.

Olvy AI Co-Pilot lets you understand your customers by receiving feedback, identifying emotions, summarizing their struggles, and creating reports.

With keyword extraction features, you can identify the type of reviews users are leaving on various platforms automatically, making Olvy one of the best customer experience software in the market.

On top of that, Olvy provides you with widgets to collect feedback and ratings from customers. They can also add screenshots and annotated videos.

Ready to leverage AI to search and extract customer sentiment? Schedule a free demo of Olvy to see it in action.

For business people who aren’t tech-savvy, Olvy can be a great addition to your toolbox due to its powerful AI integration.

10. OmniconvertOmniconvert

Omniconvert is a customer value and retention rate optimization tool for retailers.

It specializes in customer-centric technologies such as advanced segmentation algorithms, AB testing, web personalization, and customer research.

Unlike many other options, Omniconver has a dedicated Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool for eCommerce, which makes it one of the best customer experience software for that purpose.

On top of that, you get advanced analytics to ensure data-driven growth.

With automated RFM segmentation, generated KPIs, high-performing assortment, and pre and post-delivery NPS surveys, you’re able to optimize your customer’s lifetime value within your business.

Omniconvert integrates with the most popular platforms such as Shopify and Magento.

If you want to see how Omniconvert can help you retain your customers, schedule a free demo and test the features yourself.

For retail and eCommerce businesses that need to utilize customer data to result in more sales, Omniconvert is worth a try.

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Customer feedback is crucial to improve any business.

Did you know that Twilio reports that 60% of consumers say they’ll become repeat buyers after a personalized experience?

By retaining your existing customers, you could generate more revenue without spending on marketing to acquire new customers. When you have a loyal customer base, you can always ask them for word-of-mouth referrals.

So here’s what we recommend you to do.

From this curated list of the best customer experience software, you can choose the one that best suits your business type.

If all you need is a quick solution to capture customer feedback and engage them with the representatives, then Real Time Feedback is a great tool.

But for a more digitized experience in physical shops, revive can offer better assistance for your customers.

Lastly, if you’re more interested in generating quality leads from your online business, then Vitally is the best solution for you.

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