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5 Reasons How Travel Insurance Policy Can Secure Your Trip

5 Reasons How Travel Insurance Policy Can Secure Your Trip

When looking to travel abroad, the first thing to consider after booking your flight tickets should be to secure a travel insurance policy. This should protect you from any unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances relating to travelling abroad and provide financial protection for travel-related risks, including trip cancellation, delay or loss of baggage, medical emergencies, and loss of documents.

So if you are still on the teeter of whether to buy travel insurance coverage, here are five reasons why you need to buy a travel insurance policy to secure your foreign trip.

What is Travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a financial or otherwise protection offered to the insured to protect them from risks associated with travelling internationally and, in some cases, even domestically.

When travelling abroad, some countries require travel insurance as a prerequisite for a visa. This means that if you have applied for a visa to these countries, you will be turned down if you do not have travel insurance based on the specific criteria set by the country.

What does travel insurance cover?

Depending on the insurer, they offer a variety of plans depending on the nature and destination of your visit. Typically insurance providers provide a base plan and then offer a comprehensive coverage plan based on the add-ons you need for your specific trip.

The following is the coverage offered by an insurer I frequently use for my travels, Niva Bupa. Niva Bupa offers travel insurance policies for any kind of travelling risk at an affordable price.

They provide base coverage such as:

  • Emergency in-patient medical treatment
  • Maternity care
  • Delivery of newborn babies

They also provide up to 40 additional covers that can be picked up based on the needs and requirements of the insured.

These include:

  • Delay or loss of checked-in baggage
  • Trip delay, trip interruption, trip cancellation
  • Missed connection flight
  • Loss of documents
  • Emergency outpatient treatment
  • Emergency road ambulance
  • Medical evacuation
  • Personal accident

Five ways how travel insurance can protect you?

These are five ways travel insurance coverage can protect you on your journey.

1. Loss or Delay in luggage

The insurance protects the insured from financial loss due to total loss or delay in luggage.

2. Trip Delay or cancellation

It also protects the insured from delays to your trip resulting in cancellation or otherwise.

3. Medical Emergencies

Insurance coverage also provides the insured with medical treatment in case of any emergency.

4. Loss of personal documents

Insurance coverage for the loss of personal documents protects the insured if you lose important documents like passports, identity cards, voter cards, or driver’s licenses.

5. Accidents

Travel insurance also covers personal accidents and death or disability resulting from accidents.

A few months ago, I was travelling to Dubai for a global conference, but when I reached there, the airline had misplaced my bag. This resulted in me having just enough clothes for two days when I was there for a week.

Niva Bupa provided me with a portion of the sum insured to replace my lost baggage and buy the replacements so I could continue my conference peacefully. I have ever since then been using Niva Bupa for my personal and professional travels whenever I go abroad.


That is what a travel insurance policy is, its coverage, and how it can secure your trip from unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances. This should have already pulled you towards getting travel insurance and safeguarding your trip as it did for mine.

Even if it is not mandatory to buy travel insurance, it should be an essential thing everyone should consider to avoid challenges at the last moment.

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