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Quick Guide on How to Blur Background on iPhone

The iPhone camera is a powerful tool that can capture stunning photos with ease. However, sometimes you may want to blur the background of a photo to make the subject stand out. Thankfully, with smart photo editor or inbuilt tool, you can easily blur photo background. In this article, we will show you how to blur background on your iPhone.

Why blur background of photo?

Background blurring can be useful in different situations and make your photo stands out. Here are some main reasons why we need to blur photo background.

  • Create a focus on the subject
  • Eliminate distraction in the background
  • Make a professional-look photo
  • Blur product, pet or portrait photography

Quick Guide on How to Blur Background on iPhone

Now you know that blurred background can take your picture to the next level, it’s time to add blur effect to your photos. Photographer, graphic designer or eCommerce entrepreneurs can save time and cost on repetitive photo processing.

How to blur background in Camera app?

The easiest and most effective way to blur the background of a photo on your iPhone is to use the Portrait mode. It will simulate the large aperture and shallow depth of field effect of camera to add blur effect. This feature is available on iPhone 7 Plus and later models. In simple steps, you’ll be able to blur photo background.

  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone.
  • Swipe to the left until you see the Portrait mode option.
  • Frame your subject in the viewfinder and tap on it to focus.
  • Take the photo.

The iPhone will automatically blur the background of the photo, creating a  bokeh effect. You can adjust the level of blur by using the slider at the bottom of the screen. However, Portrait mode will not work properly in low light conditions. If there is no enough lighting, the notification will pop up, telling you that more light is needed.

How to blur background using AiPassportPhotos?

If you don’t have an iPhone with Portrait mode, or if you want more control over the blur effect, you can use online image blurrer like AiPassportPhotos. With AI system and tilt-shift technology, it can create a shallow depth of field effect and highlight your subject. No manual editing or app installation is required. This picture blurrer is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and you don’t have to worry about compatibility conflict. To blur photo background on iPhone,  follow these steps:

  • Open the AiPassportPhotos and upload the photo you want to edit.
  • Wait for the system to automatically blur photo background.
  • Adjust the blur intensity as needed and apply changes.
  • Save the edited photo to your device.

How to blur background using AiPassportPhotos

In just a few clicks, you can blur background online free and achieve a prominent portrait effect. You can further retouch portrait by erasing wrinkles, freckles and smoothing skin, create big head cutouts and edit the photo in the way you like.

Can I blur part of the photo?

Blurring part of a picture is helpful when you need to add background depth to food images, blur license plate, or just want to focus on eyes and blur other part of your face. Thankfully, image blurrer, portrait mode or Photoshop app can help you with this and create fashionable selfie. Simply upload your photo and gives the subject the attention it deserves.


Blurring the background of a photo can add a professional touch to your images and make your subject stand out. With the iPhone’s Portrait mode or AiPassportPhotos, you can easily achieve this effect. Try it out and see how it can enhance your photos.

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