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Singapore Virtual Numbers are Already Available for Business

Freezvon Company offers virtual numbers with the Singapore code 8x in order to increase the trust of local residents in local businesses. Now you can call your Asian customers from a local number, even if you personally are in any European country.

Cloud PBX for managers and call centers

Singapore is a region that is strongly interested in the development of small and medium-sized businesses as one of the main drivers of economic growth in the region. One cannot succeed without new technologies in modern business and therefore IP telephony has already become a part of everyday business processes for many.

However, traditions in Singapore are very strong. The majority of the region’s residents prefer the products of local entrepreneurs while choosing different goods and services. In other words, when you call your client in Singapore with a business proposal, she/he is more likely to trust a call from a local number than from any other number. Here the virtual phone number Singapore comes in handy.

Why do you need IP telephony?

IP telephony is an automated telephone system that allows you to:

  • Receive an unlimited number of calls.
  • Automatically distribute incoming calls between managers.
  • Set voice greetings that work without human actions.
  • Record conversations with the possibility of subsequent listening.
  • Use virtual Singapore numbers with codes of different regions.
  • Make outgoing calls from a local beautiful phone number no matter where you are at the moment.

Moreover, you can perform many other operations related to call management. This increases the efficiency of the business and relieves the owner of the need to place bulky equipment in the office. Also, virtual telephony allows you to hire employees for calling from different regions and countries. Remember that only a stable Internet connection helps to get quality work.

How to use cloud PBX in business?

You must constantly do the following procedures to ensure a stable flow of customers.

  • Call up the existing customer base.
  • Call potential clients offering available services.

All the calls from the managers are collected in one program. So it is easier to analyze them, adjust scripts, work of operators, and so on. Thus, a beautiful number with a local region code is more trustworthy. You can significantly increase the conversion to sales by connecting the Singapore number to IP telephony.

3 options to gain more trust from customers

Get a mobile instead of a city number. On the one hand, individuals usually call from mobile numbers, so the subscriber will not expect a call from the organization. On the other hand, the landline number might be more credible. Most likely, it belongs to a company or some service, so this may be perceived as an important call. You can also use toll-free numbers that almost always belong to organizations and are intended for free incoming calls from anywhere in the country. Usually, only companies from the medium or large business segment have such a number so they inspire confidence.

Order a regional number with an area code. Subscribers trust calls from their city or region more. Modern technologies allow you to buy a virtual number with the code of Jurong East, Pulao Ujong, and other cities without being physically in one of them. It is equally important that you do not need to go to a communication salon to buy a new number. You can choose or purchase a new phone number in a few minutes in your personal account.

How to get the virtual number?

You will be able to buy numbers, record conversations, create call forwarding scripts, and work with other virtual PBX functionality from Freezvon in just a few minutes after registration. Where can you choose a number? In your personal account or on the page of the Freezvon website. We will be happy to help you if you have any questions about tariffs, number rates, PBX connection, or other questions. Order a call back on the website or contact our company’s support service.

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