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Services That Your BIM Company Will Offer You

 If you have been thinking about getting BIM technology for your construction company, it is certainly a major decision. One of the first things you must do is select a good BIM company to work with. Transitioning to BIM can be challenging for any construction company used to traditional methods. But it can be so worthwhile! That is why knowing what kind of services you can expect from your BIM company is significant.

Setting UP CDE

CDE stands for Common Data Environment and is of prime importance if you want to go for BIM in Dubai. This technology allows you to build your infrastructure project twice, one in 3D and one in reality. For this, CDE is required so that all the stakeholders of any particular project have access to the same information and environment.

A quality BIM company is going to set up the CDE in as easy a way as possible so that your company does not lose out on anything.

Provide User Access to Information

With BIM, it is possible to control who gets access to what. The company you hire to transition to BIM will also set this up for you and your staff. You get stress-free access to everything and get to decide who has access to what. You can limit the number of users for particular sections of the model if that is what you wish.

Designing BIM 3D Models

Another service you will get access to is the designing of 3D models. If you are starting a big construction project, it is integral that BIM modeling is done by professionals. For many, it is just a renovation project you are planning for a big infrastructure project. 3D modeling by a professional team of BIM experts can help.

It makes so many things so much easier for all. When projects are designed on BIM, collisions can be predicted beforehand. This helps change or tweak the project’s direction to avoid collisions.

Getting a reputed BIM company to help you come up with accurate BIM models is a very good idea.

Consulting and Management Services

Often, when a large construction company is thinking of transitioning to BIM, the people at the top don’t want to take on the stress of it. There is a lot of work involved for a company to transition and that is when outsourcing consulting and management to a company that is a true professional in the industry, is a smart thing to do.

The thing is, as your own construction company, you may have a set of standards and rules in place for its operation. When you outsource the job to an expert BIM company, you can tell them what you need to be done and they will do everything without any hassles to you. So if you want your staff trained about BIM in Dubai, they will handle it. If you want 3D models built, they will do it. A reputed company will take on the whole BIM management for you.

Coordinating with the Field

Another service that you can utilize is by having a professional BIM company coordinate with the field. For large construction companies, most of the time, several projects are going on simultaneously. It is just not possible to manage everything and that is why coordinating the fieldwork can be a stressful job for any project manager.

Not only do workers need to have information about what they need to accomplish on a particular workday, but instructions also need to be provided to project managers as well. All this can get done digitally with help from your hired BIM company.

With a BIM company, you can outsource this as well and day-to-day support is given to your engineering team. It makes coordinating with the field easy and time-saving. With a digital copy of your construction assets, make modifications conveniently and effectively

BIM technology brings a massive number of benefits to any construction company with its eyes on the lucrative business. More importantly, it makes a company more technologically driven to adopt BIM. At Signax, get yourself an excellent BIM company that will help make the transition easy with little or no downtime. They have a lot of experience in helping client companies bring their construction projects to the next level.

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