Eating clean: Can it help you get into shape?

Can it help you get into shape

Clean eating is a diet based on consuming whole food and avoiding processed food. However, clean eating can mean various things to different people. This diet has many different forms depending on consumers’ preferences. For instance, some people exclude grains and gluten and only consume raw food.

But, generally, clean eating includes whole fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean proteins, and excludes processed food, snacks, and other food with added sugar and salt. This diet is also called a plant-based diet or grass-fed.

But, while some people exclude meat from their clean eating diet, many people consume meat as long as it does not contain any preservatives or unhealthy fat. Today, the weight loss clinic in Chicago has dedicated its post to a deeper understanding of the essence of clean eating and the benefits it can deliver.

Eating clean stands for avoiding processed food, and food with added sugar, salt, preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, added color, taste, and smell enchanters and advocates eating raw food as close to its natural form as possible, it’s clear that this diet regime promotes healthy eating habits. Having a healthy diet is always beneficial for the body, mind, and overall body shape.

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This dietary approach excludes eating all food that is considered unhealthy anyway such as fast food, food toppings, sweets, and other food forms that are not in their raw form. These unhealthy foods are known to increase risks for various diseases. Therefore, eating clean  certainly assists in getting your body into good shape and brings numerous advantages such as:

  1. Avoiding added sugar will reduce the risk of having sugar highs and lows, and even reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Additionally, it will reduce the chances of gaining weight.
  2. Dense food is food rich in nutrients and vitamins while low in bad fats, starches, sodium, sugar, and calories. The dense food is considered salmon, kale, potatoes, seaweed, legumes, and blueberries, and they will ensure you get enough nutrients while promoting weight loss or helping you stay in shape.
  3. Clean eating often considers preparing meals at home and consuming raw fruit as a snack instead of buying fast food. This way eating clean promotes expelling bad diet habits and taking charge of what goes inside your body. This is another way that eating clean donates to staying in shape.
  4. Perimeter shopping is another way that clean eating contributes to your health. Perimeter shopping considers opting for a lower-fat version of the food you are planning to purchase. Additionally, this food shopping practice implies buying fresh products such as eggs, poultry, and yogurt.
  5. As clean eating also excludes added sugar and preservatives, this eating system provides different beverages that usually contain these ingredients. Therefore, a clean eating regime will encourage you to drink water instead of sports drinks, soda, and sugared beverages and help you stay hydrated while preventing your intake of exceeding sugar and different harmful chemicals. These beverages are known to support weight gain and increase the risk of various diseases. Besides water, clean eating allows drinking unsweetened tea and lemon or lime water.
  6. Clean eating recommends using unrefined oils instead of refined ones that contain chemicals, unhealthy and trans fats, and donates to weight.
  7. Eating clean doesn`t mean eating “diet food”. Although these types of food often contain whole grains and some are even sugar-free, most of them contain different chemicals and preservatives which is a “no” for clean eating.
  8. Clean eating suggests having five smaller meals throughout the day which prevents overeating which is a shortcut to obesity. Having balanced meals that supply you with enough energy throughout the day will decrease your hunger and need for caloric food. Additionally, a few meals during the day will prevent form energy drops and keep you energized during the whole day. Clean eating is a diet regime that supports overall health and therefore a lean body. Opting for healthy food will reduce the intake of simple sugar, and calorie which is the greatest contributor to gaining weight. Besides, promoting fruit and vegetables in the diet and avoiding added sugar and salt will reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and many types of cancer.

By insisting on eating salmon, seaweed, and healthy meat, preventing cholesterol, and high levels of triglycerides, and eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids will improve your heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease.

The overall impact of clean eating is improving life quality, increasing energy levels, and will help you live longer.

Final Thoughts

Although clean eating for some people means a rigorous approach, consider that no extremes are healthy moderation and not too restrictive an eating system. Flexibility might play a crucial part in obtaining healthy nutritive resources and maintaining the optimal level of necessary nutrients that your body needs for optimum functioning.


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