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7 Nail Salon Mistakes that could be Secretly Wrecking your Mani

7 Nail Salon Mistakes that could be Secretly Wrecking your Mani

Nail care is something that not many people pay attention to during self-care. Just like we take care of the rest of our bodies, we should do the same for our nails. Our nails are a very sensitive area of our body and hence getting professional help for your nails is an important thing that you should consider. When you do nail care, you can make your nails feel cleaner and more well-maintained. They also look more attractive and appealing.

Your nails can speak a lot about your overall hygiene as well. Moreover, we may end up damaging our nails when we try to fix them by ourselves. This is because we don’t have the knowledge that we need about nails. When you go to Top-rated Nail Salons, they have artists and staff who have lots of experience in the field. Moreover, they have also studied them in detail and hence have great skills. This is how you can get the best card for your nails and have them done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Getting your nails done from 5-star nail salons is also great as they last you for a very long time. However, many people have had some bad experiences with their manicures. There could be a few reasons for this. 7 Nail Salon Mistakes That Could Be Secretly Wrecking Your Mani:

Being too specific about your nail art

We all have a specific type of nail art that we want on our nails. This is usually planned as we need to make up our minds about what we exactly want to get done. However, make sure that you are a little flexible when getting your nails done. This is mainly because if you try to get exactly the art that you see in pictures, it may not turn out the best. This mostly happens because not everyone is as skilled to give you exactly what you want and even you can do your nails, mani & pedi at home like a salon. Moreover, nail artists modify designs to make them suitable for your nails as you may not suit all types of designs.

Not carrying your nail care kit

Not carrying your kit can be quite a trouble. This is mostly for safety purposes. You must take your stuff so that you do not have to worry about the hygiene or cleanliness of the equipment used by the salon. Since most nail equipment is metal, it could be quite difficult to clean and hence, the items used on your nails may not be very trustworthy.

Not getting gel nail polish

Gel nail polish is the best when getting nails done. Gel nail polish has lots of benefits. It is also the most practical polish to use for daily wear. This is because gel nail polish can last you for a very long time. It does not chip or come off easily and hence, will be very easy to manage. Moreover, it will also look a lot better in terms of appearance.

Cutting your cuticles too much

Cutting your cuticles is only good up to a certain point. You need to make sure that you don’t cut off too much skin from your cuticles as it could be damaging. If overdone, it can make your cuticles bleed and also sting a lot. Moreover, if your skin gets too thin it can peel off and also burn and make you feel uncomfortable.

Touching your nails after buffing

Once your nails are done buffing, make sure that you do not touch them. This is because when you apply your nail polish you should apply itto clean raw nails. You get these after buffing. However, if you touch your nails it could lead to oil or dust transferring from your fingers onto your nails. This can spoil the results of your nail polish.

Not communicating your needs

When you are not feeling happy with how your nails are looking, you must let the staff know. In this way, they can switch up their methods and give you what you want. This is also important if you are very particular. Most nail artists do what feels best in their opinion, hence, if you don’t communicate they will not know exactly what you want. This can lead to unsatisfactory results.

Not switching shades ahead of time:

If your artists apply a shade on your nails and you do not like how it’s looking, make sure to tell them at the earliest. This is important so that they can switch up the shades at that moment and allow you to avoid getting the wrong colours.


These were the 7 Nail Salon Mistakes That Could Be Secretly Wrecking Your Mani. All of these tips can make your visit to the salons for your nails a lot more wholesome and worthwhile. You can also avoid any damage or problems when doing your nails. If you are new to manicures, then these are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes. Hence, you can have a great introduction to manicures right off the bat just by avoiding making these mistakes. These are also important so that you don’t have to feel like you wasted your money on a manicure that did not meet your expectations.

Some of the Best Nail Salons respect all the above requirements of their customers. However, if you go to cheap nail salons then you must be extra careful about the above mistakes. We hope that this article could help you have a better nail salon experience.

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