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5 Reasons Why CBD Wholesale Labels Are the Next Big Thing

5 Reasons Why CBD Wholesale Labels Are the Next Big Thing

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become more popular since the 2018 Farm Bill decriminalized hemp and hemp-derived products. This sharp rise is likely because more people are learning about the benefits of CBD products, which include relieving pain and calming anxiety.

Changes in how people feel about hemp products also contribute to the high demand.

You can’t go wrong as an investor by venturing into the CBD industry. There are options like private, white, and wholesale labels. Of the three, the wholesale label is arguably the best.

First, let us provide you with an overview of the wholesale label.

What is a Wholesale Label?

The term “wholesale label” refers to a business model where you secure the right to buy branded products in bulk at a discount and resell them at a higher price. You will sell individual units as a retailer. In this arrangement, you will not have control over the creation process and branding, making it different from private labels.

Private labeling allows you to build your brand but comes at a high cost in terms of extensive marketing for brand awareness. As a result, the process may take a long time before you start making a profit.

Reasons Why Wholesale Labels Are Popular


First, the CBD wholesale business model comes with compliant products. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates food and drugs, doesn’t have any laws to control how CBD products are made. Therefore, to legally produce hemp-infused products in states that allow them, companies must adhere to the labeling requirements outlined in the FDCA.

The labels should include the brand name, the address, all the ingredients, and test details. It should also have the lab name and test number. The graphics on it shouldn’t appeal to the underage, and the label shouldn’t make any medical claims. Getting into a partnership with a company that complies with these requirements will save you from breaking the law.

Less Risky

Unlike private labels, wholesale labels are less risky. For starters, you don’t own the brand label. You, therefore, are not liable for the risks that come with manufacturing CBD products and creating a brand. The chances of failure are also minimal because you will sell products to an established customer base. Relying on the manufacturer’s reputation also makes wholesale labels safer.

Furthermore, you avoid the risk of holding a lot of inventory at a given moment. Instead, you will place an order for tested and proven CBD products, which you can sell fast. So, you won’t have to worry about your CBD products going bad and losing their potency.

Huge Profit Margins

Most reputable wholesalers of CBD products offer huge discounts, which can lead to huge profit margins if the products are sold. You also won’t take the cannabidiol out of the hemp plant or test the products to ensure they are pure. As a result, you won’t incur the cost of production. Since you aren’t using your brand, you will reap big rewards by investing in CBD products as a retailer.

In addition, you will not require expensive permits other than the retailer one. This low barrier to entry and less paperwork will give you better profits if you choose to invest in the industry using the business model.

Wide Range of Products

You can’t store as many products if you make your own CBD products or use a private label model. In most cases, increasing the number of products in your inventory will increase production costs. This is a stark difference from the wholesale label model. In addition, you can order different types of CBD products depending on demand.

On top of that, you aren’t restricted to selling CBD products from a specific brand. Since you haven’t put any money into your private label, you can work with other well-known brands to make hemp-based products in high demand.

Significant Room of Expansion

Lastly, using the wholesale label business model, you will have room for expansion. Starting small and expanding is one of the reasons behind the expansion opportunities. For instance, you can start selling online to cut costs, then upgrade to a physical store once you establish your CBD business.

With the expanding use of CBD products, you can quickly scale up to include new products, such as CBD-infused animal feeds. You can also open branches in new locations easily with wholesale labeling.



As a retailer, you can use private or wholesale labels. The latter is arguably the best, as it comes with the benefits you have read about here. So, the best thing to do would be to use the information and look for a good manufacturer to work with on this profitable investment.

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