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How Do I Know if My Husband Is Cheating?

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Wondering if your husband is cheating is a situation many people hate to find themselves in. In these cases, you are most likely wondering how to tell for sure if your husband is cheating and what behaviors might indicate their adulterous nature.

Our article gives you the most common signs of cheating to look out for and advice on your next steps to get to the bottom of your partner’s behavior.

Common Indicators of Cheating

The below common indicators of cheating are typically displayed in many relationships where one partner is engaging in infidelity. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive and that you might notice other indicators in your partner’s behavior that things aren’t what they seem.

There are also many other reasons for behavior changes besides cheating, so be sure to also address these other possibilities.

Communication Changes

Any type of serious change in communication between you and your husband may indicate a serious problem. Changes in communication include passive-aggressive behavior, avoidance of questions or conversations about their behavior, eye-rolling and dismissive body language when discussing your concerns, or frequently storming off and stalling important conversations.

If you can’t get your partner to engage in a serious conversation about your concerns all of a sudden, it’s likely that something is going on behind the scenes that is triggering these changes.

Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes that indicate your husband is cheating might include things like being overly critical of themselves or you, picking fights often, or becoming extremely negative.

There might also be indifference toward family events or other partner activities you used to enjoy, overspending on items like gifts or clothing that are never received by you, or suspicious financial activities that your husband tries to hide.

Engaging in Frequent Lies

Frequently lying to you about their whereabouts, who they are with, and their schedule might indicate that your husband is cheating. If your husband is called out for these lies, he might become aggressive, dismissive, or attempt to lie to you further, making you confused about what the truth of the matter is.

It’s important to gather any evidence available and remain firm when having a conversation about your partner’s behavior, financial activity, and communication changes.

Increased Attention to Appearance

Paying more attention to their clothing and general appearance when leaving for work, spending lots of time working out, and wearing new colognes or changing the outfits they wear are all signs that indicate your husband might be seeing someone else.

Most of the time, cheating inspires the person to improve their appearance to woo their affair partner.

More Time Spent Away From Home

More time spent away from home, either at work, with friends, or on new hobbies and solo activities that your husband refuses to elaborate on, can indicate infidelity.

When combined with other signs of cheating on our list, unexpected schedule changes and a refusal to elaborate on what they are doing are serious signs that your husband is up to something.

Decreased Intimacy or Changes in Intimacy

Changes in intimacy or an overall decrease in intimacy often occur when one partner is cheating because they are being fulfilled elsewhere. A lack of sex life or a sex life that includes new things your partner has never shown an interest in before might indicate that they are seeing someone else.

It’s important to remember that changes in intimacy might also have physical or mental health reasons; make sure to explore these avenues as well and address any health concerns before jumping to the conclusion your partner is cheating.

Guarded Behavior With Technology

If your husband has started guarding their phone, refuses to let you handle or look at their phone or other devices, or is showing an interest in new apps, they might be hiding something.

Frequently changing their password, panicking when they leave their phone or computer unlocked, or clearing browser history often can also indicate that your husband doesn’t want you to see their activities online or their texting and calling records.

What to Do Next

After you’ve reviewed this list, you probably have a good idea whether or not your husband might be cheating on you. If you believe that they are, you can review these next steps as you gather your thoughts.

  • Collect any evidence possible – solid evidence of your partner being caught in lies, with other people, or hiding their activity is all essential to confronting your partner. You can also use a search tool like this to help you collect information on the places your husband has been frequenting, or even to find out if they are on any dating apps or hidden social media profiles.
  • Hire a private investigator – a private investigator can help you narrow down information or evidence that you are having a hard time finding, and they may be able to help you determine for sure if your husband is cheating on you.
  • Speak with your partner – sitting down and having a conversation with your partner is an essential step in this process. During this conversation, you can present your concerns and any evidence that you have collected. However, it’s important to be aware that being confronted with evidence of their activities or being accused of cheating can make your husband aggressive, violent, or threatening. Make sure to inform a close friend or family member of your intentions and immediately leave any situation that has a potential for harm.

Find Out If Your Husband Is Cheating

Cheating in a relationship is not something that anyone wants to experience. If you suspect that your husband is cheating based on the signs listed in our article, it’s in your best interest to carefully collect evidence and gather your thoughts before having a conversation with your partner.

Always put safety measures in place when engaging in a conversation that could take a turn for the worse, and be sure to speak with a close friend, family member, or therapist if the whole situation becomes overwhelming.

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