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Here’s How to Use Vyapar App for Desktop

With the world already heading towards cashless transactions, India has witnessed the most significant growth, with people and businesses opting for digital payment. However, with the complex technology, many small businesses still need help using digital payment features, which is where applications such as the Vyapar app come into play. The platforms offer different features, are easy to use and are backed by one of the top banks in the country. Before we begin, let’s understand the Vyapar app, its features, advantages, how to use the Vyapar app for desktop and which one you should pick!

Understanding Vyapar App

Designed for small and medium businesses, the Vyapar app is a payment and banking application that helps fulfil the business needs of merchants and business owners. The SME app contributes significantly to business growth with its excellent features. With the help of the Vyapar app for desktop, you can easily accept remote payments, different payment modes, complete paperless merchant onboarding, get an instant loan and such. But this is not all, and there are more features on the banking front.

Features of the Vyapar App

Vyapar app for desktop is designed to be a one-stop platform with simple solutions for all banking and business requirements. Before you download the vyapar app, check these features to know whether it meets your business requirements! Read ahead:

1. Easy merchant onboarding

Since it’s an SME app, onboarding should be easy and instant. The apps are designed to initiate paperless KYC and should be a one-time process to save the hassle.

2. Accepting all forms of digital payments

Before you download vyapar app for your desktop, check whether the application allows you to accept payment via different modes that consumers generally prefer. If not, the SME app won’t be helpful for your business.

3. Helping your business grow

Before you download vyapar app for desktop, check whether it will help your business grow in any way or not. Check whether you can create offers for your consumers, advertise your business or services, and get customer ratings or feedback.

4. Financial help

Many vyapar app for desktop allows merchants to apply for a small credit. Check whether your preferred application offers the same feature or not. Small businesses often face a cash crunch and require extra credit to refill their inventory, pay other vendors, repay debts, or EMIs, pay employees or build infrastructure. An SME app should offer a loan or credit feature to the user like bank applications does to their users.

Now that you know the few essential must-have features to look out for before deciding which vyapar app for desktop you should download, you can easily choose.

How to Download Vyapar App for Desktop?

Before you learn how to download the vyapar app for desktop, it is important to select an SME app. Once you have chosen an app, check whether it is available on PlayStore. All the reliable applications are available on the PlayStore or the service provider’s official website. Refrain from downloading an app from unreliable sites, or you may be a victim of online fraud or theft. Here’s how you can download and use the vyapar app for desktop:

  1. Download the vyapar app for desktop
  2. Click on the sign-up and create your account by filling in the required information
  3. Complete the KYC by uploading your documents such as ID, business proof and such
  4. You will receive the confirmation mail on your registered email id; click on it to verify
  5. Now that you have successfully signed in enter your bank account details
  6. If you don’t have a merchant account in that particular bank, open an account and only then can you use the facility
  7. If you have a merchant bank account, enter the bank account details and link the application with your account to accept payment in the account or send a link for the remote payment

You can check all the transactions from your dashboard on the go and keep all your financial transactions streamlined without hassle. This will also help you during the auditing, paying taxes, or applying for income tax returns.

Download Vyapar app for Desktop by HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is undoubtedly one of the most reliable Indian banks that offers multiple benefits and offers for small and medium-scale businesses. HDFC Bank has recently launched a vyapar app for desktop named- SmartHub Vyapar App. The features include paperless KYC, accepting payments through different modes, loans on credit cards, business loans and overdraft facilities, paperless loans and an HDFC business credit card with a credit period of 50 days and the option to make and pay GST bill every month. Now that does sound like a fantastic deal. Download the SmartHub Vyapar App for your desktop today and enjoy all these seamless features on the go!


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