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DR Ring: Innovative Practice of Binding Engagement Ring With ID Card

Numerous social and family incidents happened in recent years caused people’s determination to pursue true love to fade away. The marriage rate has also been declining right after that. The youth of today, especially the millennials and the Z generation, are beginning to feel confused and uncertain about love.

They are no longer capable of judging whether the lover of their life is the only love they have ever known. They are beginning to fear and find it hard to believe in the so-called commitment. The youth of today seem to be in desperate need of a way to help them be brave in their pursuit of true love and express it to the fullest.

Undoubtedly, this is also something that many wedding-related companies have been pursuing. Only when they can truly understand the contemporary young people’s view of love and think about what they want can they touch the majority of the youth who are confused about true love to the greatest extent.

DR Ring

Recently, an engagement ring brand that promotes the culture of true love is rapidly gaining popularity on the internet. This is a jewelry company from China, under the banner of One, Can Only Buy A DR Diamond Ring In A Lifetime, but quickly attracts the eyes of young couples from all over the world.

Unlike other classic wedding-related brands that have been praising the beauty of love, this jewelry company is unique in that it limits the number of times a consumer can purchase a diamond engagement ring, so as to make the promise of one love for life come true.

This Chinese jewelry company, called Darry Ring (also known as DR Ring), specializes in creating exquisite diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. It requires that each person can only purchase one DR diamond ring per lifetime, and the first purchase of a DR diamond ring requires a valid ID card to confirm that the purchase is made in person. At the same time, the purchaser’s identity information needs to be tied to that of the ring recipient, which is done through a joint signature on the Darry Ring Agreement. According to their website, the Darry Ring Agreement is archived in their system and cannot be deleted or changed permanently once the couple has signed their names to it. With the consent of the purchaser, the binding information is available on the Darry Ring official website.

ID Card

DR Ring arguably pioneered the innovative practice in the world of requiring the binding of identity information for the purchase of an engagement ring. An ID card is a unique and valid credential for global citizens. DR Ring has chosen to make it a necessary factor in purchasing a DR diamond engagement ring, conveying that purchasing a DR diamond ring requires sufficient courage and determination.

Binding an ID card means a real-name purchase which creates an invisible constraint on the purchaser. It requires the purchaser to believe absolutely in true love and to be faithful to his partner for the rest of his life. You cannot give it to another person since a DR ring is custom-made and you will be monitored by people all over the world once purchased. Therefore, only those who have seriously thought about their relationship and future, and have determined that they are each other’s true love, will dare to use their ID card to buy a DR diamond ring.

In addition, the Darry Ring official website clearly states that only after purchasing a diamond engagement ring can you purchase other jewelry. Obviously, the unique marketing strategy of DR Ring is not aimed at quickly capturing the jewelry market all over the world, but is genuinely seeking the best solution for young people who are confused about love.

It gives buyers the courage to make a commitment through a real-name purchase model that is tied to an ID card and limits the number of times a customer can purchase a diamond engagement ring. At the same time, the Darry Ring Agreement, as a proof of their love for each other, is the best elixir for all sensitive and fragile hearts, providing a guarantee for their commitment to each other while increasing the binding power of society.

Needless to say, the DR Ring is the highest commitment in the course of true love. Its innovative practice of binding engagement ring purchase with an ID card encourages contemporary young people to bravely pursue true love and express love. Everyone deserves to meet true love in their lives, and Darry Ring is one of the reasons to do it. As its brand’s slogan advertises, Once In A Lifetime Diamond For Your Once In A Lifetime Love.

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