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Top 5 Lighting Choices For Rooms With High Ceilings

Top 5 Lighting Choices For Rooms With High Ceilings

Having high ceilings offers a lot of benefits to your home, mostly because it makes your house appear much bigger than it actually is. Unfortunately, this can also have a downside if you don’t choose the right fixtures to illuminate your walls and ceiling.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of lighting options available that you can use to brighten up your ceilings without causing clutter and elimination. Therefore, to assist you in making your best decision, here are our top 5 lighting options for high-ceiling rooms that will make your space look majestic and bright.

Our Picks


The chandelier is a classic choice for high ceilings and one that works well with many different styles. A chandelier can be an elegant focal point in a room or a simple way to add light without going overboard on the decor. There are many different styles of chandeliers available today, from traditional crystal to modern chandeliers, so you can find one that matches your style.

If you have an open-concept living room and dining room area, then a chandelier will be perfect for this space. Moreover, chandeliers are also great for displaying art or other decorations on their chain links and in the center of the fixture itself.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is an excellent choice for high ceilings because it allows you to hang your lights from the ceiling rather than having them attached to the wall. This gives you more flexibility in terms of design and placement. Pendant lights can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, or even bedrooms if paired with other decor items like side tables or lamps.

If you want something that can be used as a reading light, try a globe pendant lamp. These are available in different sizes and shapes; some even have frosted glass shades that diffuse the light nicely. If you want something more modern, then opt for a bulb-shaped pendant lamp that has an Edison-style filament bulb inside it. This will give off a warm glow when lit up at night time!

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great way to illuminate the high ceilings in your home. It’s an inexpensive way to create the illusion of more space, and it works well in any room.

Track lighting comes in both hardwired and plug-in versions. The hardwired version is permanent and can’t be moved from room to room, but it does have the advantage of being able to adjust the height of each light. The plug-in version allows you to easily move the lights from one area of your home to another. This may be particularly useful if you’re short on outlets or simply want to move your track lighting for aesthetic reasons.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is also a great option for height ceiling rooms because it uses less space and gives you more control over your lighting. Recessed lights can be installed on walls or ceilings and offer a wide range of styles and finishes, from traditional to contemporary. You can also choose from a variety of light bulb types, including LED and halogen options.

To install recessed lighting in your high-ceilinged room, you’ll need to hire an electrician to run wires from an outlet to each fixture location. Moreover, these lights come in two types: “can” lights (which are installed in cans) and “circuitry” lights, which are wired directly into the same circuit as other wall switches or outlets on the same level as the recessed light location.

Free Standing Lamps

Free-standing lamps are another great option for high ceilings because they don’t take up much space but still give off plenty of light! You can choose from table lamps, floor lamps, or even lamp shades to make them work with your décor. These lamps are usually the most versatile because they go with any style and can be moved around easily.

Final Words

Lastly, It is also important to note that it is not just the type of light you install, but also the placement. Make sure to determine which fixtures are best aligned with the height of the installation. Once you have proper lighting and ceiling fan installation, it will increase your enjoyment and love for your room.


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