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8 Useful Tips for Mental Travel Preparation

Are you planning a trip abroad? Read these tips to prepare mentally for your backpacking adventure.

Useful Tips for Mental Travel Preparation

1. Say goodbye to a “yes” policy

Travel is addictive. We all know that. But why? Because it forces us to open our eyes, break out of our comfort zone and really live! Routine and expectations no longer hold us back and we have to do the freedom of whatever we want! But to experience everything a new country, new people, and a new environment have to offer, we have to overlook our fears and worries and just say yes! If we say yes, new streets, paths, and people open up to us.

2. Appreciate the trip as much as the goal

Sure – we all want to make a selfie in the Whitsundays or on the summit of a huge New Zealand mountain – but the beauty and the secrets of travel only reveal ourselves in an unexpected way. Do you have a goal or a destination? But be open to the people who meet you, the obstacles, the means of transport, and the untouched beaches or untouristic cities, over which you stumble on the way.

3. Don’t take yourself too seriously

When we travel, we leave material things behind: our favorite shoes, our membership in the gym, our Macs (for some), and our favorite clothing. Perhaps it is difficult for you to get used to it, and you may feel a little guilty when you let the gym for the first time fall out or don’t look as good when going out.

Enjoy it! This is exactly what traveling is about! We free ourselves from material striving, temptations, and judgments. The travel community is all about life, life, and enjoying the now. Nobody takes care of what you look like and you will be appreciated for what you are – not for what you do!

4. Don’t be afraid of modes

For a certain reason, people enter our lives, for a certain time or a whole life.

  • Reason – the chances are good that many of the people they meet, for a certain reason – appear to show them the way to teach them a new song, bring them from one place to the next to show the unknown city that you have just started to explore.
  • Season – you will find that a few of those you meet will accompany you on your adventures for weeks, months, seasons, or even a year or two! They share a love for new experiences and will always share them with them.
  • Lifetime-and then there are the lifetime buddies! These special personalities not only know your spontaneous way of traveling but also your family, your story, and everything that makes you!

The point is – only time will show it! Hug this now, stay loyal to your way, and others will follow you.

5. It is not always peach & cream

Travel makes us free! It awakens the senses! It is our ecstasy, our passion, and everything that makes us feel alive! You will have the time of your life. Be aware of this. But also remember that in addition to the highest heights there can also be some depths.

Life on the street can sometimes be lonely. You can also get lost. Or lose a few shoes. Take it on. Unfortunately, life does not always run smoothly. Use this time to skype with your friends and family at home, to afford a private room for one night, and just relax.

6. Let the iPhone out

Most travelers will take their international journey with an iPhone in their hands. Do not understand us wrong – you are a practical and safe companion, provide directions, offer us many apps that can help when traveling, and are also a very simple way to stay in touch with those you meet on your travels.

But you have to know when to use it. You are in a new country, surrounded by new people and new opportunities. Take advantage of this! Take a look at the sights on your train or bus ride. Treat yourself to the opportunity to think away from home, to reflect, and to take up new sights, smells, places, and people. We all love to update our Instagram – but do you try to set a limit – maybe 3 evenings a week?

7. Treat yourself to moments of freedom

Planning a trip is fun and we all do it to a certain extent. Visa, flights, tours, safety precautions – all of this is important. But here at Base, it is about finding the “X” – the small, untouched stain in paradise on the treasure map! Sometimes the most breathtaking travel destinations, beaches, cafés, or mountains are those that you cannot find on a lonely planet.

Treat yourself to some freedom to explore and make impulsive decisions. Drive into the city for a day and get lost. Rent a motorhome for a few days (or weeks) and drive to the fewer tourist places, talk to locals and see what you can find out.

8. Yes – you have changed … for the better!

We all know the high feeling after the vacation – they return home to their friends and family, who are overjoyed to see them again. You have albums with fantastic photos and crazy, incredible stories to tell! You want to continue traveling for and again. You don’t want to grow old and are already planning your next adventure!



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