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How to See DP on WhatsApp If Blocked?

How to See DP on WhatsApp If Blocked

There is a question that is asked by many people which is how to see DP on WhatsApp if blocked. Now, everyone has a smartphone that keeps them in touch with others. As you know, today the most used app for communicating is WhatsApp, which means every person must have installed it on his phone to keep in touch with friends whenever they want.

However, the other person may block us on WhatsApp for reasons such as arguments or conflicts. It prevents us from sending a message or calling another person in case we may want to apologize. There is another case for that let me create a scenario for you. Suppose your partner has blocked you on WhatsApp. Now if you miss him/her and want to see his/her DP that will not be shown to you then what will you do?

To provide you with simple and easy tips, we are here with this article. So after reading this article, you must be clear that what you should do in case your partner has blocked you on WhatsApp and you miss him/her and need to contact that person. You can get more information about this topic on this site.

How to See DP on WhatsApp If Blocked?

As we have already discussed that when a person blocks you, his DP will not be shown to you unless he unblocks you and thus you will be restrained to send messages to that person. So in case you have been blocked, you will not see his DP. But there’s not anything to be stressed about. You should follow some simple techniques which we are going to discuss in this article. By following these easy guides, you will be able to catch up with that person again.

So let’s start with the techniques which we were talking about. In case you are missing that person and want to see his DP or you have been blocked on WhatsApp by one but are not sure then you should confront that person. For your convenience, let me tell you in detail. Below, we have mentioned some simple ways that will help you to see the WhatsApp Dp of your favorite contact that has blocked you.

Confront that Person

First of all, you should confront that person directly to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. But make sure to not use harsh words, You can simply ask that person if he has blocked you on WhatsApp or you have deleted your account or whatever. Keep in mind the relationship between you and the other person. Depending on the response, you can take the decision whatever you think is good for you. However, in any case, you get to see that person. Isn’t it enough?

Ask Your Mutual Contact

In case you cannot meet that person, you have the option to get the favor of your friend who is on the contact list of that person. In this way, it will be easier for you to know what’s going on. This somehow cannot be considered good because it can raise some kind of question related to your relationship with that person in your friend’s mind. But if you trust your friend, then you can easily do this.

All you have to ask your friend to send a message to that person and wait for the double ticks. At the same time, you will also have to send a message. If your friend got a double tick but you still have a single tick then it will be confirmed that you have been blocked.

Message on the Same Group

If you have been added to the same group as that person, then you can call out that person or convey a message to that person. You can name him or give your message. But you will need to remember that you are not only present in that group. The message you type will be seen by everyone that is a member of that group.

So type the message after knowing its consequences. Do not get that person in trouble by doing any kind of cheap thing. In this way, you will lose your image in his eyes. So make sure the message is simple and only understandable by those whom you want. So even if that person does not reply to your message, you will still not have to ask for trouble for yourself.

Contact on Number

Remember the days when there was no WhatsApp? Everyone uses the phone to type messages or makes calls on the phone number. You should bring that nostalgia back for this technique. You can contact that person on mobile if he or she has blocked you on WhatsApp.

In this way, they will realize that you are making efforts in order to get your attention. Maybe they can unlock you after seeing your sincerity and forgive you for what you have done.

Use a Second Number

If you have a second number, then you can make a new account on WhatsApp using that number. After this, you can send a message and pretend to be one of your older friends. When that person saves your number, his DP will be shown to you. In this way, you can continue chatting with that person whenever you want to. However, for someone gentle and nice person like you, this technique is not suitable. That’s why I do not prefer you to use this technique.


This was all about how to see DP on WhatsApp if blocked. So if you have been blocked on WhatsApp and are unable to see that person’s DP and contact him, you must have understood what you should do. Here we have tried to explain everything clearly without any kind of misunderstanding. So if you think you are blocked by someone, you can use the mentioned ways to get yourself out of the blocklist of that person.

So what do you think of this article? Have you liked the ways mentioned here and do you find them easy for you to follow? Let us know your reviews in the comment section.


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