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9 Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

It is often essential for business trips or vacations to get on a plane. There are things that you should definitely pay attention to – flight attendants unpack.

  • Air travel: What you should consider on board an aircraft
  • Flight attendant gives insight and tips for the correct behavior on the plane
  • What you should never do on board – and why hygiene is very high up

Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

On the Internet, especially on online platforms such as TikTok, more and more people from different professional groups are giving an insight into their everyday work. Again and again, flight attendants on the net make tips and reveal what you should never do when flying – for hygienic reasons.

1. Memorial to the toilet

The right hygiene is a must, especially in Corona times. And this should also be taken into account when flying. It is therefore advisable to pay close attention to what is touched with your hands.

When walking to the toilet, you should make sure that you leave your unprotected hands with you and only touch with elbows.

Above all, the rinsing should only be operated with a paper towel or sweater, as many presses the rinsing button before washing their hands.

2. Sleep at the window

A nap in the plane is part of most passengers. It is not uncommon for you to lean against the window with your head.

But here, too, the flight attendant sees a problem: you can never know who has leaned in front of you. Whether a child may have painted on the window with unwashed hands or someone else had to sneeze heavily.

Therefore, avoid leaning on the window side, or simply bring yourself a pillow, because this is cleaner and more convenient.

3. With short clothes on the plane

The recommendation of flight attendant Tommy Cimato goes in a similar direction with regard to the choice of clothing. He advises avoiding shorts and short clothes on the plane.

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Here, too, the hygienic aspect is in the foreground. Like the windows, your seat can be quite unsanitary. These are cleaned, but there were also countless passengers on the plane before you.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear long trousers or a skirt. You also have the advantage that you are not cold as quickly when it comes into the air.

4. Drink too little

Although tomato juice on the plane is now a classic, vegetable juice is not.

It is important to drink sufficiently in the air. Flight attendant Tommy says that you lose around 500 milliliters of liquid during the flight.

Our tip: Next time order water, then you will be fit and ready for use after the flight!

5. Silence diseases

It is not uncommon for people to get bad when flying. It does not necessarily have to be a toddler. Not every stomach or body tolerates flying equally well. Every now and then nausea or even vomiting can occur.

So that this does not happen, the flight attendant advises you to always let me know when there are complaints. He also emphasizes that the passengers do not need to be ashamed: “This is our job, we are here.”

6. Run barefoot through the plane

Again and again, passengers run through the plane without socks and shoes to the washroom or the toilet – and that can be gross. Run flight ladder is often extremely dirty.

Because often the business lands next to the toilet bowl, used toilet paper would be carelessly dropped onto the floor. Therefore, you should urgently let your street shoes on the plane – especially when walking to a quiet place.

7. Get drunk on the plane

Passengers who (too) appear to be drunk on the flight are a real security risk – and are therefore often referred to the plane. So you should avoid this error if you want to start your flight.

Alcohol also smuggled on the plane is taboo. If this flies up, most flight attendants do not hesitate to address those responsible directly for the offense – and this can be uncomfortable, especially in front of other passengers.

8. Constantly press the service button

Passengers should only press the service call button in emergencies or if they really need something very urgently and are not allowed to or are not allowed to leave their place. If you operate the button too often, then this means unnecessary stress for the staff on board.

Especially in economy class, according to the flight attendant, the service button is repeatedly operated.

9. Use hairspray or deodorant in the washroom

Pull in the lipstick, and powder your face – quick freshness in front of the landing approach is allowed. However, perfumes, deodorants,s or hair sprays should definitely stay in the case. Because the sprayed aerosols could trigger the smoke detector in the washroom.

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This would give the crew an alert to initiate the necessary security measures in the event of a fire on board. A possible consequence of this is, in addition to panic on board, that there are undesirable delays.

With these tips, personally from an expert, your next flight and start to your well-deserved vacation should become more pleasant and safer. Good Trip!



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